Duplico at the 16th HRO CIGRE conference

We participated in this year's 16th HRO CIGRE Conference, where we discussed current trends and new challenges in the energy market.


We attended the 16th HRO CIGRE Conference, a prominent event focused on the electric power industry. The thematic emphasis of this year's conference was on key issues related to energy prices, particularly focusing on the dynamics of electrical energy, reflecting the current trends and challenges in the energy market.

Duplico solutions in the energy industry

From November 6th to 8th, the 16th HRO CIGRE Conference was held in Šibenik, organized by the Croatian National Committee of CIGRE in collaboration with the Croatian Chamber of Electrical Engineers.

The Croatian National Committee of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (HRO CIGRE) is one of the 58 members, or national committees, of CIGRE—a professional association based in Paris that covers topics related to electric power systems and components, as well as the development, construction, operation, and maintenance of electric power facilities.

We are extremely pleased to have attracted visitors' interest, fostering collaboration and establishing valuable business contacts. Our solar solutions, in particular, garnered attention and sparked discussions among the experts present at the conference. Our specialists provided detailed explanations to visitors about designing solar power plants, highlighting the innovative technologies we use to achieve high energy efficiency and sustainability in solar systems.

The HRO CIGRE conference provided us with a platform to explore new perspectives and exchange ideas, further strengthening our presence in the field of energy.

In addition to designing solar power plants, we offer solutions for managing modern energy infrastructure. We specialize in the assembly and testing of electrical cabinets, the implementation of industrial automation (SCADA and PLC systems), the development of prefabricated modular solutions, energy-efficient residential projects, and the design and implementation of electrical installations.

In the era of the growing popularity of renewable energy sources, a key topic was solar energy. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our adaptation to trends in solar energy, where we focus on shaping modern energy solutions.

Duplico experts in the design and installation of solar power plants for residential and commercial solutions highlighted their expertise in the application of high-quality GoodWe inverters and DAH solar panels.

The future of the energy industry

As part of the discussions at the conference, key issues related to the planning of the development of the electric power system were highlighted. Discussions covered investments in production facilities, and planning the development of transmission and distribution networks, encompassing important topics that define the future of electric power.

These issues pose challenges for the energy industry, requiring innovative solutions and adaptations to ensure efficient production and distribution of electrical energy.

Equally important was the exploration of trends in the history of the electric power sector, where unprecedented development of new technological solutions in all segments is recorded. Production components, components for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy, switchgear, protection, and automation systems, as well as new materials and testing techniques, present a challenge for planning the supervision, management, and operation of the electric power system.

Participating in the 16th HRO CIGRE Conference was a valuable experience. We remain dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and innovations in energetics and actively participating in shaping the future of this important sector.

We persist in our commitment to adapt our energy solutions to the dynamics of industrialization and the growth of the electric power sector. The experiences gained at the conference motivate us to continue investing to address all the challenges brought about by the evolution of electric power.