Oil & Gas Industry

Natural gas and oil are essential in both energy and economic systems as they provide an accessible and dependable source of energy. However, the industry faces difficulties due to its complex role within the evolving energy sector and increasing environmental concerns. We help energy companies operate more efficiently to decrease their environmental footprint, while also allowing for the development of new, clean energy sources to power the world's future.

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World's Primary Source of Energy

The increasing global population, current geopolitical environment and changing regulations pose significant challenges and potential risks for energy companies in meeting the energy needs of the world. Providing energy to the population is a complex and demanding task. To address these challenges, we offer integrated solutions that power, digitalise and automate the oil and gas industry. These solutions enable safe, intelligent, and sustainable operations, reduce downtime, and decrease operating costs

Our Expertise

We apply our industry-specific knowledge and experience. We work closely with our partners and customers to provide tailored solutions and achieve exceptional results.

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    Artificial Lift Solutions

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    Prediction of gas consumption (Gas nominator)

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    Industry wide automation (SCADA & PLC)

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    Electrical Switchgear Assembly & Commissioning

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    Testing of installations in explosive zones


  • I would accentuate Duplico as a very positive example of innovation and the application of the latest technologies and trends, such as "state-of-the-art" remote control systems. We are proud of the numerous applications of Siemens systems and solutions in water management, industry, and energy projects. In current Croatian surroundings, I also perceive Duplico to be an inspiring "role model" of successful digital transformation of its own business processes.

    Ivana Ilic Head of Digital Industries at Siemens Croatia
  • The peculiarity and the key to the long-term success of the Duplico company lies in the exceptional agility and commitment of the Duplico team in providing the best service to clients, openness to adopting new knowledge and innovative technologies, and a high level of expertise and cooperation.

    Arthur Vasarevic Country General Manager (CRO/SLO/BIH)
  • I started working with Duplico more than 10 years ago. I would especially emphasize their focus on client satisfaction, flexibility in finding technical and administrative solutions, and adaptation to changes within the projects we have collaborated on.

    Tomislav Durokovic Senior director, Teva global engineering
  • Duplico is a truly quality partner that we plan to rely on in future business challenges. The professional attitude towards the client, which is unquestionable from the contracting process, the execution of works, to the commissioning of the equipment or plant, places Duplico among our privileged partners in the domain of electrical works

    Dinko Condic Chief Executive Officer
  • Cooperation with Duplico is straightforward and high-quality because their experts know and understand the plant operation technology, and their knowledge is broader than just the knowledge of software development.

    Igor Herman Chief Executive Officer (Weishaupt d.o.o. - Celje)
  • We are happy to work with Duplico as one of our main partners in the region. In this ascending roadmap, we are careful to select key partners who can support and carry the GoodWe brand, technology, and know-how in the highest of standards.

    Thanasis Sakkas Sales Director Channels Europe & NA region at GoodWe
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Quality Policy

We are dedicated to quality, health, safety and environmental protection standards in all of our processes and services.

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    ISO 140001

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    ISO 50001

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    ISO 9001

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Our References

Our projects prove our skills: Our portfolio of completed projects is the best proof of our abilities and high standards.

  • INA-Industrija nafte d.d.

    Procurement, implementation and commissioning of process analyzers of dew point of water and hydrocarbons

    Budget: 283.230,47 Eur

    Modernization of the fire alarm system, extension of the technical protection system with the integration of the fire alarm system and modernization and control of the extinguishing of the tank space of the Terminal Virje

    Budget: 173.769,20 Eur
  • Rafinerija nafte Brod d.d.

    Delivery of level radar meters

    Budget: 1.952,35 Eur
  • INA-Industrija nafte d.d.

    Procurement, delivery, installation and commissioning of communication (electro-instrumentation) equipment on the SCADA system of ESP systems group I, II and III, Croatia; Installation and commissioning of an electric submersible telemetry system; Installation and commissioning of the SCADA system in a central location.

    Budget: 3.328,29 Eur
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  • 20+

    For more than 2 decades Duplico is providing reliable electrical engineering, automation and ICT services in various industries

  • 4100+

    Today our solutions and expertise have been integrated in more than 4000 projects around the world

  • 55+

    More than 50 engineers and experts are working daily on dozens of customers specific requirements

Our Services

Throughout our presence on the market of the Republic of Croatia, European Union & beyond, we have profiled ourselves as a leading expert within many industries. Here is how we can help You.