A Steping Stone For Automatic Cabinet Assembly

The cost of energy is increasing due to various factors, such as rising demand, limited resources, and the need to shift to cleaner energy sources. As a result, there is a growing focus on developing and implementing greener technology, which can help reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources and create a more sustainable future.

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Modern Switchgear Technology

As the demand for complex electrical setups, particularly in smart production systems, continues to grow, the components of the power system are becoming increasingly sophisticated. However, the assembly and wiring process for control cabinets has remained largely unchanged. That’s where DxL technology comes in, offering a solution that optimizes and streamlines the process.

Why DxL Technology?

Modern day technology, designed to offer environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, while also helping to lower costs, increase efficiency and improve ROI.

  • 01

    Fully Recyclable

    DxL electrical cabinets are fully recyclable, designed in line with circular economy principles.

  • 02

    100% Automated Assembly

    After initial design of the cabinet, the only thing the electrical engineer needs to do is press “play” on the DxL software.

  • 03

    68% Volume Reduction

    Electrical cabinets assembled using DxL technology require much less raw material making 68% smaller in volume than the average 80x200x40 cm electric cabinet.

  • 04

    62,6% Mass Reduction

    Material consumption is greatly reduced, making the DxL cabinet 62,6% lighter than the average 800x2000x400 mm electric cabinet.

  • 05

    Improved ROI

    Using DxL technology to build electrical cabinets allows businesses to efficiently meet customer demand while minimizing waste and keeping costs low.

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    Scalable Production

    Each cabinet produced with DxL technology will have a “digital twin” of a physical cabinet secured, enabling better monitoring and replacement of cabinet components.

Where to use DxL technology

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    • 01Control & Distribution cabinets up to 250A

      DxL technology is great for automatic assembly of control and distribution cabinets of up to 250 Amps. It features a compact design and durable components, ensuring long-lasting results and minimal maintenance. With its advanced features, DxL technology is a top choice for efficient and effective automatic control and distribution cabinet assembly.

    • 02LV Section on MV Cabinets

      DxL technology is great to use for assembly and wiring of low voltage section in medium voltage cabinet assembly.

    • 03Different OEM application

      For pump control panel, cooling towers and HVAC controls, heavy industry machinery, cranes, trucks with smaller control cabinets, power grid solution to household cabinets and just about any standardized cabinet production, DxL technology is a great fit and can significantly reduce cost and improve ROI, all while delivering high reliability and great turn around times.

    • 04Withdrawable units on Motor Control Cabinets (MCC)

      If you ever worked with withdrawable units electrical cabinets, you know how tricky the wiring can be. The lack of space for maneuvering and design challanges often case unexpected costs. DxL technology solves this challanges and with its design to print approach enables quick production, reduces cost and increases ROI.

Standard VS. DxL

DxL technology electrical cabinets are superior to conventional electrical cabinets in many ways. The comparison shows some of the benefits of DxL technology against the current standard electrical cabinets.

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    Conventional Electrical Cabinet

    • Weight: 275 kg
    • Width (W) : 800 mm
    • Depth (D) : 400 mm
    • Height (H) : 2000 mm
    • Requires over 100 man hours to assemble, wire and test the funcitonality of the cabinet
  • Image

    DxL Electrical Cabinet

    • Weight: 150 kg
    • Width (W) : 500 mm
    • Depth (D) : 400 mm
    • Height (H) : 500 mm
    • Cabinet is being made automatically by machine.
    • Requires less than 1 day (8 working hours) for cabinet to be packed and finished.

Revolutionizing Electrical Cabinet Production

By pioneering advancements in electrical cabinet assembly, our cutting-edge and innovative technology has received acclaim through a prestigious article showcased in IEEE Explore

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