Electrical Installation Testing

Duplico is a leading company in the field of electrical installations, offering a range of services for both government, residential and commercial properties. In addition to installing new electrical systems, Duplico also offers testing and inspection services to ensure that your existing electrical systems are safe and up to code


Importance Of Inspection

One of the most important factors of just about any system is most definitely its safety. When it comes to electrical installations, prior to finalizing and handing over the projects to the customer it is mandatory to cary out electrical installation quality and inspection test. 

When we say electrical installation inspecting and testing, in Croatia, by law prior to usage permit every new construction/building/etc that has electrical installation needs to be tested as follow: 

  • Measurement and testing of fault loop current (Mjerenje i ispitivanje struje petlje kvara)
  • Measurement and testing of grounding resistance (Mjerenje i ispitivanje otpora uzemljenja)
  • Cable insulation resistance test (Ispitivanje otpora izolacije kabela)
  • Examination of lightning protection installation (Ispitivanje gromobranske instalacije)
  • Testing of the differential current protective device (DCU) (Ispitivanje zaštitnog uredaja diferencijalne struje (ZUDS))
  • Functional testing of the electrical installation (Funkcionalno ispitivanje elektroinstalacije)
  • Testing the continuity of the protective conductor
  • Examination of potential equalization measures
  • Testing of bimetallic protections and motor protection switches
  • Testing the emergency shutdown button
  • Panic lighting test

Duplico is certified to perform all of the inspections listed above.  Our team of skilled and experienced electricians will thoroughly examine your electrical system to identify any potential issues or problems. 

Once the inspection is complete, our technicians will provide you with a detailed report outlining any issues that were identified and recommend any necessary repairs or upgrades. 

Besides the inspections listed above, during more than 2 decades in the market we have educated our selfs, gained expertise and now can offer testing and inspecting services for: 

  • Tests of electrical installations in explozive zones
  • Tests of instrumentation measuring circuits
  • Thermal imaging testing of installations
  • Tests of structural cabling
  • Electrical cabinet testing in accordance with the HRN EN 61439 standard

If you got a project or need help with testing to ensure regulatory requirements and safety of the installation? Send us a message and some of our engineers will get back to you ASAP to discuss your requirements in further details. 

Safe & Reliable

  • Regular testing of electrical installations is crucial for ensuring the safety and reliability of the systems, as well as maximizing performance and minimizing the risk hazardous incidents.

    Preventing Hazards: The Vital Importance of Testing Electrical Installations in Explosive Zones

    Testing of electrical installations in explosive zones is crucial to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment and prevent potentially hazardous incidents such as explosions or fires.

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