Reliable Electrical Cabinet Assembly

From OEM machinery and dozens of different OEM system application to data center distribution and powerplant control systems, we have designed and assembled wide range of control and power distribution cabinets for broad range of industrial applications. The vast experience and more than 2 decades presence in the market, enables us to provide optimal solutions for your specific project requirements, and at the same time offer reliability and cost effectiveness


Why Duplico?

Our focus is always on our clients. Building lasting connections and delivering tailored solutions to meet their needs is key to our success.

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    3D Modeling & Design

    To be able to offer our partners and customers consistency and highest quality of service we use latest technology and tools that enables us to show our products in 3D.

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    Adaptive Quality Control

    We are working in many different industries and for various partners for dozens of different applications, each with its own specific requirements. To tackle different quality control requirements from our customers and still have streamlined process we have created our own digital solution for quality control.

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    Proprietary Partner Portal

    Duplico Partner Portal is designed for our partners. It is simplifying the communication and progress tracking, and allowing us to better support projects and achieve better results, hence strengthening our partnerships.

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    Certification & Expertise

    Our annual production of over 1700 cabinets, combined with our vendor-neutral approach, enables us to meet custom requirements for electrical cabinet production and customization for our clients.

Duplico Cabinets

From OEM cabinets and different control cabinets for various industries to 8000A industry certified motor control and power distribution cabinets, we do it all.


OEM Panels Assembly

Building custom or pre-designed control panels for OEMs is our specialty. We nurture a flexible approach with our OEM partners. Whether you need a full outsourcing of your production or partial peak covering solution we are here for you. Our services include parts procurement, control panel manufacturing, documentation, testing, and commissioning. Alternatively, we can work with your equipment and manage the shipment of materials and finished products back to you.


Control Cabinets

We specialize in complex control systems and control cabinets. We can assemble one-offs, as well as small-scale and medium-scale quantities designed to the respective requirements, while ensuring compliance with the regulations in relation to electrical and functional safety, as well as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). We offer CE certified cabinets for the European market and UL approved cabinets for North America.


Motor Control Center (MCC)

We always strived to provide the best solution and products for our customers. To ensure that our clients have the best solution regarding their motor control center needs, we are type tested and certified for Siemens Sivacon S8, Schneider Electric Okken, Cubic, Logstrup and Eaton xEnergy low voltage switchboards. Our vendor neutrality approach helps us meet our customer needs regarding production and customization of their switchboards.


Power Distribution Cabinet

Our goal is to deliver the best solutions and products to our customers. To meet their power distribution cabinet needs, we are type-tested and certified for Siemens Sivacon S8, Schneider Electric Okken, Cubic, Logstrup, and Eaton xEnergy low voltage switchboards. Our vendor-neutral approach allows us to fulfill customer requirements for switchboard production and customization.

Our Automated Assembly Process

By utilizing new technologies, and developing proprietary software solutions we have optimized and systematized the production process of electrical cabinets offering quick turn-around times and great quality control.

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      Electrical Design & Schematics
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      3D Modeling
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      Equipment Commissioning & Marking
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      Wire Preparation
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      CNC Machining
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      Installation Of DIN Rails And Wire Ducts
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      Copper Processing
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      Digital Quality Control
  • 2000 m²

    More than 2000 square meters of production & assembly area

  • 0.16%

    Our annual percentage of non-comformity in relation to the number of cabinets produced

  • 1700+

    More than 1700 electrical cabinets produced annually

Our Partners

Throughout the years we have build great relationships with some of the industry leading brands. Today, we are creating cutting edge systems and solutions for our customers together.

Global Delivery

With our partners we can organize swift delivery and quick turn-around times. Enter your location and check rough delivery estimate.

Quality Policy

We are dedicated to quality, health, safety and environmental protection standards in all of our processes and services.

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    ISO 9001:2015

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    ISO 14001

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    UL 508A

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