Solar energy as a trend of energy sustainability

Intersolar, held on 16-18 June in Munich confirmed the growth of the European solar solutions market. After the exceptional year of 2022, which saw an increase of 47% and the installation of a total of 41.7 gigawatts (GW) of new solar systems, it was expected that a similar trend would continue.


European and national incentives for solar power plants continue to stimulate the trend of mass utilization of solar energy. Especially in recent years, solar energy is a favorite alternative to traditional energy sources.

It was solar energy that was the main topic of Intersolar, as well as the need for modern and innovative solar energy management systems.

Intersolar is the industry's most important platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, installers, service providers, project developers, planners, and start-ups in the solar industry.

Innovative solar solutions at Intersolar

At this year's Intersolar, the significant trend of software standardization for field operations in green energy was discussed.

Namely, it is about challenges for companies to integrate different software solutions and modernize the current processes of implementing solar power plants.

The emphasis is on the development of unique software that simplifies and optimizes field activities, thus improving the organization and efficiency of the installation of solar power plants.

Monitoring platforms and smart systems like GoodWe EcoSmart Commercial enable energy management so that users can efficiently monitor the production and consumption of solar energy.

Safety solutions are also important, with a focus on safety inspection tools and processes for the safe and fast installation of solar systems.


Duplico Solar energy

Duplico, as the official representative of GoodWe solutions on the Croatian market, covers the needs of private users, commercial and large energy plants.

The comprehensive service begins with a consultation, followed by designing, issuing permits, installations, and finally maintenance of the solar power plant.

The first step is to fill out the solar calculator, through which you will receive a calculation of the required solar energy and a schedule for obtaining a solar power plant for your facility by e-mail.

We use advanced GoodWe solutions

Solar energy has stimulated the rapid development of technology that requires modern and innovative solutions for the management of solar power plants. These systems focus on achieving greater efficiency, speed, and simplicity in energy production.

The new GoodWe string inverter with an impressive power of 350 kW was presented at Intersolar, which was specially designed to function without interruption even in high-temperature conditions.

In addition, GoodWe presented a compact medium voltage station that is easily integrated with their string inverters, offering a complete industrial solution.

For households, GoodWe offers a complete portfolio of energy storage solutions called EcoSmart Home. Such solar solutions are designed to optimize the production and consumption of energy obtained from solar systems.

GoodWe solutions are the result of years of research and development, embodying Duplico's commitment as a partner in creating environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for renewable energy needs.

Solar energy is an unstoppable trend

In 2023, significant growth in the use of solar energy continues, with exciting trends emerging in the housing sector.

Homeowners are increasingly embracing solar energy by installing rooftop solar power plants and integrating electric vehicle (EV) chargers into the solar power system. With advances in solar technology, homeowners can generate clean electricity and efficiently power their homes and electric vehicles.

The integration of solar panels with inverters and chargers for electric vehicles (EV) enables households to maximize energy consumption, thus reducing dependence on the public power grid.

This trend is a significant step towards sustainability, encouraging individuals to embrace renewable energy and contribute to a greener future made possible by solar energy.

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