Industry Asset Management

The QRi cloud solution provides straightforward and secure means of storing and quickly accessing technical documentation across multiple industries. Due to its ability to manage assets in industrial settings, including production equipment, facilities, and infrastructure, it enhances organizational efficiency and cuts costs.

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What is QRi Cloud?

As a reliable high-volume electrical panel building company, we detected a loss of technical documentation as one of the burning issues in this industry.

In our experience sustained from our numerous projects, the original documentation shipped with electrical cabinets usually goes missing after a few years or even a few months.

Faced with many service and maintenance requests from our customers, with the issue of missing documentation constantly reoccurring, a need for a modern digital solution became a necessity.

To solve our own challenges we have developed a QRi Cloud application. QRi Cloud is a unique software solution for remote access and management of technical documentation. Enhanced with smart reminders, easy sharing, multi-user access, and QC checklist functionalities it truly is a reliable, private, and secure solution that every industry requires.

Why QRi Cloud?

QRi Cloud is a straightforward and efficient solution for today's plant managers. It helps in optimizing plants resources and ensuring the proper utilization and maintenance of its assets.

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    Easy Access

    No more lost technical documentation. An access to QRi cloud stored data is achieved with a simple scan of a QR code.

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    Smart Reminders

    Easily schedule your inspection or recurring maintenance tasks. Set a specific date and receive reminders so you never miss an important inspection again.

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    Easy Sharing

    Need to share documentation with your clients? Our "select & share" solution makes it a breeze. Quickly share entire objects and elements with just a few clicks.

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    Multiple Accounts

    We understand that every individual has unique responsibilities. That's why QRiCloud offers user-specific permissions and the ability to have multiple user accounts within a single company.

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    Password Protection

    Certain documents may need to be kept confidential. QRiCloud allows you to password protect specific documents to ensure that only those with the password can access and manage it.