Turnkey Solar Power Plants For You

Each solar project regardless of its size and scope has its specific challenges, which we attend to in detail. Our team focuses on all stages of solar plant design, equipment procurement, construction, and maintenance, nurturing a partnership and consultation approach at all stages. We are competent to undertake solar projects of any scope, thus making us a perfect partner to maximize one's return of investment.

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Calculate Your Solar Potential

Use our solar calculation app to get an instant estimate of cost of your new solar plant. The size, scope, and final price of your solar project depends on both, your current and future energy consumption needs, rooftop location, and the components installed.


Benefits Of Working With Us

Sourcing clean energy solutions to operate residential or commercial facilities requires reliable planning and execution. With a proven decades-long track record in energetic projects, all of our efforts are aimed toward profitable solar facilities delivered on time and on budget.

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    True Turnkey Solution

    We handle every aspect of the installation process, starting from consultations, design, and permitting, to installation and maintenance. Rest assured that your project will be done in a professional manner by specialized professionals.

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    Reliable Equipment

    We are using state-of-the-art solar solutions from GoodWe with advanced features, such as; real-time monitoring, remote control, and smart grid integrations enabling improved control of energy usage.

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    Various Financing Models

    Apart of a direct purchase which is the most straightforward financing model, we are offering flexible leasing options.

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    Ongoing Support

    With our ongoing support, our customers are ensured with a piece of mind that their system is functioning properly.

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    Reduced Cleaning

    With our patented technology utilized in PV panels, we will save you money because you will not need to clean it as often.

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    Decades Long Guarantee

    Over a 25-year life expectancy, with a 5 kW power plant, you will save an amount equal to the price of a new car.

Roadmap To Your Solar Plant

There is a lot of noise in todays market for solar plants. Everyone is expert and yet there is not one, straightforward guide or a roadmap of building your own solar plan. That is why we decided to create it for you.

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    Initial interest and data collection

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    Commercial and technical offers and contract proposal

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    Contracts and the construction of the main project

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    Solar power plant workflow execution

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Get an Instant Informative Offer

Access our solar calculator app and, according to your own parameters, create an informative calculation for the costs of installing your new solar power plant.


Our Solar References

From 3kW to 1MW we have done it all. As a leading technological company in Croatia we have gained vast experience in construction of solar plants. Weather you need a small powerplant or a large one, we can help.

  • Resalta d.o.o.

    Execution of works on the DC side of the construction of the photovoltaic 1.2 MW solar power plant "FNE LOG EXPERT THREE" for the use of renewable energy sources.

    Budget: 151.622,88 Eur
  • City of Zagreb

    The construction of photovoltaic systems on the rooftops of buildings owned by the City of Zagreb and Zagrebački Holding d.o.o., Group 1 - Photovoltaic Power Plants - CITY OF ZAGREB (on 7 facilities, with a capacity of 100, 270, and 300 kW).

    Budget: 1.033.233,12 Eur
  • City of Zagreb

    The construction of 50 KW photovoltaic systems on the rooftops of buildings owned by Zagrebački Holding d.o.o., Group 2 - Photovoltaic Power Plant - Zagrebački Holding d.o.o.

    Budget: 41.668,54 Eur
  • Municipality of Medulin

    Supply, delivery, and installation of a 27.6 KW photovoltaic power plant for the production of electrical energy on the building "Polymer Kindergarten"

    Budget: 30.853,24 Eur
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GoodWe Partnership & Distribution

GoodWe is considered the world's leading manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters and battery energy storage solutions, with over 2 million inverters installed worldwide. As their partner, we guarantee you that you can rest assured to be getting cutting-edge technology. Start your solar journey today with our solar calculator app and find out a rough estimate for your solar plant.

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