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We are continuously looking for experienced and talented people. For the past 20 years, we never stopped growing. We believe it is because of the great team members that we have succeeded in becoming one of the most recognizable companies in Croatia in our industry. If you like the idea of working at Duplico, reach out to us anytime, and let's talk.

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Who are we ?

Engineers, technicians, programmers, designers, economists and analysts, we are a team of people focused on change. Implementation and design of complex industrial and ICT solutions has been our passion and reality for the past 20 years. With over 2 decades of experience and collective knowledge, we use new technologies to solve problems and shape the industries of the future.

Values & Things We Believe In!

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    • 01Competences

      Creating advanced industrial solutions without including a specific competence for each team member is close to impossible. Through several decades of business, we have learned that mastering a competence is one of the most important things in modern business. Duplico therefore nurtures and encourages the professional development of all employees in order to achieve goals and to create new, advanced industry solutions.

    • 02Creativity

      Creativity is the basis of entrepreneurship. We believe that in today's age, the opportunity of applying a wide range of different technical and technological processes and the flexibility of quick response to changes supports the creation of added values that the market recognizes. Duplico is a company that produces both products and services. Through the scope of our activities, we had the opportunity to become fully aware of the value, potential, and importance of creativity in everyday business.

    • 03Quality

      Quality is a result of competence and creativity of work of our engineering teams, but sole confirmation of the quality of the final product is a challenge for the organization and is also achieved through defining business processes. We believe in continuous investment into improving internal processes and awareness of the importance of quality is a logical path toward achieving market authority. Through decades of presence on the market, we have implemented several standards of quality, such as: ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001, ISO/IEC 27001, TÜV AUSTRIA SCCP:2011, UL 508A. Quality, as one of the fundamental determinants of Duplico's business, is a process we continuously work on and in which we will undoubtedly continue to invest.

    • 04Competitiveness

      Competitiveness is part of our mission and our highest priority. Our goals and values are interconnected. For us, competitiveness represents the best relationship between price, quality, and added value in a delivered product or service that is both interesting and competitive in the market context. We believe that we provide the competitiveness of our products and services on the market through the approach and fostering a culture of competence, creativity, and quality

    • 05Continuity & Continuous Improvement

      We believe that continuity is the way to success. Once attained knowledge, best practices, and quality standards are woven into our values as a foundation that we continue to build on day by day. Continuous business improvement is driven by the ideas and creativity of our employees. Continuity can also be attributed to the fact that Duplico is primarily a family company whose values are directed towards continuous development, which we achieve through investments in progress and growth.

Employee Benefits

Along with the chance to enhance your professional skills, we offer a range of perks that support your personal and professional growth.

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    Supplementary Health Insurance

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    Christmas and Easter Bonus

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    Baby Bonus

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    Christmas In Duplico

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    Better Interest Rates In Partner Banks

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    Education Budget

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    Cheaper Holiday in Amadria Hotels

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    Moontop Benefits Program

Open Positions

If you like the idea of working at Duplico, reach out to us anytime, and let's talk.

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