Automated load balancing system for fast EV charging

The intelligent, flexible and scalable multi-connector DC charger. Corresponds to all EV charging requirements, regardless of the size of the EV fleet.

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Powering your EV fleet

DCharger is an EV charging system based on the concept of optimal electric energy usage. The concept is entirely individual. In some instances, the DCharger system is supported by battery storage and alternative energy sources.

DCharger system specifications:

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    • 01Technical specification

      CCS and/or CHAdeMO Charged power: 30kW, 60kW or 90kW Charging voltage: up to 1000VDC or 400VAC
      IP protection: IP65
      IK Protection: IK10 Operating temperature: -25°C - 55°C Charging voltage: up to 1000VDC or 400VAC
      The system has no limit to the number of vehicles that can be charged simultaneously and is fully adaptable to all current and future trends in fleet electrification.

    • 02System components

      The system is composed of the main management and energy cabinet, a charging post with 1, 2 or 4 connection points and an HMI management and payment terminal with a touch screen.
      DCharger has the ability to charge EVs with 30kW, 60kW and 90kW, and it can also reduce the charging power if necessary if there are currently other consumers on the energy network to which it is connected, which are more important than the charging station in terms of hierarchy.

    • 03Compatible with alternative energy sources and battery systems

      The chargers have 1, 2 or 4 CCS and/or CHAdeMO connection points. Each pillar of the filling station has access to the number of parking spaces equal to the number of connections on it. Accordingly, several versions of the filling stations for wall and pole mounting are provided.

    • 04A separate charging controller for each EV

      Charging is started by entering the parking location on which the vehicle is connected to the terminal. After connection is established, the charging option and price for the specified vehicle are selected.

    • 05Fully charged EV available at requested time

      To guarantee the availability of a charged vehicle to the user of the charging station at the desired time, the DCharger system can be connected to the calendar, schedule and priorities of vehicle use. The system will charge the vehicles according to the set parameters, taking into account the current energy availability. This is how the DCharger system ensures the optimal availability of electric vehicles for the needs of users at a given time.

DCharger types

DCharger Commercial

An EV charging system solution eligible for publicly available parking spaces.

  • 01 An EV charging system solution eligible for publicly available parking spaces.
  • 02 Charging systems for fast or slow charging with SMS notification indicating the final amount of energy transferred to the EV.
  • 03 Completely scalable and configurable according to end-user needs.

DCharger Residential

An EV charging solution eligible for garages in existing or new buildings as well as parking spaces that are purchased with apartments.

  • 01 No need for an upgrade of the existing infrastructure.
  • 02 It enables EV-s to be charged in the garages of existing and new buildings.
  • 03 The electrical installation complies with all valid safety regulations.
  • 04 A software ensures that all vehicles are ready at the desired time and charged at the best price.
  • 05 For multi-tenants buildings, we provide project documentation and execution of works.

DCharger Business

An EV charging solution eligible for small and medium sized companies with own parking spaces.

  • 01 Ideal for companies planning to switch their vehicle fleet to EV.
  • 02 Ensures all fleet vehicles are being charged and available at desired time.
  • 03 Each pillar of the filling station has access to the number of parking spaces equal to the number of connections on it.

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