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About Duplico

Duplico, was founded in 2002. and currently employs more than 130 employees.

Among the core values ​​of the company is human potential, in which we constantly invest through various forms of education, training, and improvement.

We strive to provide all employees with the best working conditions respecting their business and personal needs.

A wide portfolio of our products and services includes industrial automation, electrical cabinet design, engineering and production, ICT services which includes a range of custom software solutions developed in-house and variety of security solutions including cybersecurity services.

Our long-term experience in industrial automation makes us a reliable partner in several important economic segments such as the ICT industry, oil & gas industry, water supply and drainage, energy, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Duplico’s know-how is based on 4000 projects delivered to various clients since its founding, with special diligence directed towards innovation and quality.

Apart from being certified with all relevant quality certificates, we hold several patents and patent pending industry 4.0 solutions.

As a proven market leader in several segments, Duplico remains true to its core values. ​​

We are primarily a family company with two generations onboard, working actively towards improvement and innovation.

The family atmosphere underlined by a strong moral approach aiming toward a successful business model is a constant motivator for sustainable growth and development.

  • 20+

    For more than 2 decades Duplico is providing reliable electrical engineering, automation and ICT services in various industries

  • 4000+

    Today our solutions and expertise have been integrated in more than 4000 projects around the world

  • 500+

    Over the course of 2 decades, we have had the privilege of serving and helping over 500 valued clients worldwide.

Our Partners

Throughout the years we have build great relationships with some of the industry leading brands. Today, we are creating cutting edge systems and solutions for our customers together.

Our Team

In few short words, we are a cross-functional, multinational community of highly skilled experts, working together towards innovation and customer success.

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