Wide application of boiler rooms in industries

In the field of modernizing and automating boiler plants in the heating industry, there are a variety of services and solutions aimed at increasing efficiency and optimizing systems.


In the field of modernizing and automating boiler rooms in the heating industry, there are a variety of services and solutions aimed at increasing efficiency and optimizing systems. Some of these solutions have been implemented by our own company.

Boiler rooms play a crucial role in the production of thermal energy by converting the chemical energy of fuel into heat energy. The steam boiler is a key component in this process, enabling the generation of high-pressure and high-temperature steam.

This steam is then used for various purposes in different industries.

The application of boiler plants is diverse and encompasses various industries and sectors, including:

  • Energy sector: Boilers are used in thermal power plants and cogeneration plants to produce electricity while utilizing waste heat for heating or industrial processes.
  • Food and beverage industry: Boilers are used in bakeries, food processing plants, dairy industrial facilities, and similar sectors for steam production in food processing, heating, and cooking.
  • Chemical industry: Boilers are utilized in the chemical industry for processes such as steam production, distillation, reflux, drying, and other thermal operations.
  • Petroleum industry: Boilers are employed in oil refineries for heating and processing raw materials, steam production, and as a general heat source in various processes.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Boilers are used in pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical factories, and laboratories for sterilization, steam generation for sterile processes, and other thermal operations.

Boiler room application

In general, boilers are applied in all industries and facilities where thermal energy is required for production processes, heating, air conditioning, or other purposes.

Supervision and control services for boiler plants aim to streamline operations, reduce costs, and minimize the possibility of errors. The integration and automated operation of the entire plant, with minimal user interaction, provide advantages such as energy savings and environmental preservation.

One successful project example is the construction of rooftop boiler rooms with heat pumps for heating buildings in Slavonski Brod. In this project, we carried out the modernization and automation of heat stations and condensate return systems at the HEP Toplinarstvo, Pogon Sisak. Through our innovative approaches, we enabled detailed system diagnostics, fault detection, and notification through alarms and SMS messages.

Solutions like these, designed in combination with control panel cabinets for managing boiler plants, contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of boiler plants.