Smart in electrical as a new trend

Smart wiring is a system that combines various technologies and types of wires inside a facility. Therefore, makes it easier for facility owners to implement smart technologies and cut expenses with saving energy.


Smart has become a new "it word". We have smart cars, smartphones, and even smart installations.

So what is smart in terms of electrical installations?

Smart wiring

Smart wiring refers to a type of wiring system that is designed to support a wide range of advanced technologies, including high-speed internet, home automation systems, and home entertainment systems.

A smart wiring system typically includes a central hub or control panel, which is connected to various devices and devices throughout the building via a network of wires and cables.

This allows users to easily connect and control a variety of devices, such as computers, TVs, speakers, and lighting systems, from a single location.

Smart wiring systems are often used in new construction projects or major renovations, as they allow for greater flexibility and scalability in terms of the types of technologies that can be supported. They can also be retrofitted into existing buildings, although this may require more extensive work.

Smart wiring systems can improve the convenience, efficiency, and overall functionality of a building, and are becoming increasingly popular as more and more devices become connected to the internet.

Smart installations

Smart installations refer to systems that use advanced technology to monitor and control various aspects of a building or facility.

These systems can be used to optimize energy usage, improve building performance, and enhance the overall comfort and convenience of the occupants.

Some examples of smart installations include smart lighting systems that can be controlled remotely or automatically adjust to changing conditions, smart thermostats that can learn and adapt to a building's heating and cooling needs, and smart security systems that can alert occupants of potential threats or emergencies.

Smart installations can also include networked devices such as smart appliances, smart plugs, and smart locks, which can be controlled and monitored remotely via a smartphone or other device.

Overall, the goal of smart installations is to improve the efficiency, security, and convenience of a building or facility.


Advanced technologies for managing the facility's energy efficiency are used to perform electrical installations.

"Smart" technologies simplify and automate the management of the facility's energy capabilities and centralize and integrate all elements of managing the energy aspect in the facility.

Increasingly in demand, 'smart houses' represent living spaces equipped with modern technology that integrates every element of the energy system for optimal energy use.

Systems that include smart electrical installations provide remote control, automation, and energy efficiency for the building. By professionally performing electrical installations, a sustainable residential facility is created that reduces the production of a harmful carbon footprint.

Renewable energy

A segment of electrical installation provided by Duplico is of renewable energy systems, which are designed to generate electricity from renewable sources such as solar.

These systems can be used to reduce a building's reliance on fossil fuels, lower energy costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In order to optimize the efficiency of these systems, it may be necessary to implement specialized energy storage solutions, such as batteries, which can store excess electricity generated by the renewable energy system for use at a later time.

There are also a variety of other measures that can be taken to improve the efficiency of a renewable energy system, such as optimizing the placement and orientation of solar panels or implementing energy-efficient lighting and appliances.

  1. Overall, the goal of these efforts is to maximize the use of renewable energy sources and minimize the need for non-renewable energy sources, in order to reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation.
  2. Duplico carries out electrical installations by adopting special energy efficiency measures related to the management of renewable sources of electricity, to efficiently store it.

Smart wiring services

To provide smart wiring services, we hire a team of highly skilled and trained professionals, including electricians, network technicians, and systems integrators.

These cross-functional teams of experts have a strong understanding of electrical systems, networking technologies, and home automation systems, and can design and install smart wiring systems that meet the client's specific needs.

Smart rooms

We also participate in the construction and installation of smart rooms, which are specialized areas within a building that are equipped with advanced technology to improve the functionality and efficiency of the space.

These types of installations may include systems for lighting, heating and cooling, security, and home automation, as well as networking infrastructure to support internet connectivity and other communication systems.

In addition we construct high-power substations and associated energy distributions.

This typically involves installing electrical equipment and systems that are used to distribute electricity from a high-voltage transmission system to a lower-voltage distribution system, such as transformers, circuit breakers, and switchgear.

These systems are typically designed to handle large amounts of electrical power and are used to supply electricity to buildings, industrial facilities, and other types of structures.

Overall, Duplico provides a wide range of electrical installation and construction services for both industrial and commercial buildings, including the installation of smart rooms, high-power substations, and energy distribution systems.

Why go smart and optimize?

The goal of every company is to save energy. Also, simultaneously implementing systems and technology solutions that will reduce the need for energy and ensure minimal consumption is extremely important.

Higher energy efficiency increases the comfort of life and the durability of buildings, and that is exactly what we are working on. Using our many years of experience, we have created a unique automatic control system with various technical solutions to increase energy efficiency.


Increasing energy efficiency in the building industry includes the physical properties of the building and the energy system of heating and cooling, as well as ventilation, electrical devices, and lighting used in the building. On each of these systems, we aim to implement our technologies and monitor and manage consumption with a SCADA system (designed by our engineers) and smart applications.

We also provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that the smart wiring system is functioning properly and meeting the needs of the building's occupants.