Using the solar energy

Amid the global energy crisis, solar energy, as one of the most widely used renewable energy sources, is gaining importance among citizens.


What's a customer with its own solar production?

Customers with solar power production are electricity users who are connected to the public power grid but also use a solar power plant for their own needs. They sell excess electricity from the solar power plant to the public power grid.

As a result, a user of a solar power plant can obtain both the connection power to the power grid, and the direction from the power grid in a single calculated measuring point.

Selection of a solar power plant

Factors to consider in the design and choice of solar power plants are:

  • The material of the rooftop determines how many solar panels will be installed and in what position. Because they allow for the simplest installation, resistant tin tiles are the best choice for installing solar power plants. Terracotta tiles, for example, are a sensitive type of roof that breaks easily, making it difficult to install solar panels on such rooftops
  • Facility location has an impact on how much sunshine the solar power plant will collect
  • The angle of the rooftop determines how the solar panel will be configured, and at which angle the rooftop will be able to collect the most sunlight
  • The location of the solar power plant in direct contact with the sun is affected by the shading of the building's rooftop, which means that in large shadings, the efficiency of harnessing solar energy is substantially reduced
  • Available space on the rooftop determines the number of solar panels you will be able to place on the rooftop

Service life of solar power plants

Solar power plants are guaranteed to have a lifetime of 25 years. The solar power plant can work longer than that but at a lower capacity. Furthermore, the lifetime of inverters is estimated to be 12 years, after which they must be replaced with new ones.

Return on investment is expected in six to eight years, after which the owner pays off his solar power plant. When solar power plants become obsolete, they are disposed of in special electrical waste where they are recycled.

By using solar energy, you can protect yourself from constantly fluctuating electricity prices.

It takes a couple of minutes for you to calculate the expense of your solar project. Try it out here.