Solar panel installation: what solar power plant installation looks like

The installation of solar panels involves the engagement of expert installers who bring the necessary expertise and experience for the efficient installation of photovoltaic systems.


The installation of solar panels is one of the steps in the process of implementing a solar power plant. Quality panel placement involves using high-quality equipment while adhering to industry standards, which affects the efficiency of the solar system. Additionally, it enhances long-term sustainability and cost-effectiveness, which is crucial for the plant to reach its full potential.

To achieve maximum energy efficiency and longevity of the solar system, it is essential to collaborate with experienced installers who will ensure the proper installation and maintenance of the solar facility.

In this article, we explore all aspects of professional solar panel installation and uncover why hiring professionals is crucial and how it impacts the performance of solar power plants.

Solar (photovoltaic) panels

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, operate thanks to the so-called photovoltaic effect.

When sunlight strikes the surface of a solar panel, the energy of light rays prompts electrons in the panel's material to become free, creating an electrical voltage. Solar panels thus convert solar energy into direct current, and then an inverter converts that direct current into alternating current.

Every roof surface has specific characteristics, but not every roof is equally suitable for professional solar power plant installation.

What does solar panel installation look like?

In the initial phase of designing a solar power plant, a detailed site assessment is conducted to determine the feasibility of solar installations. Such an assessment includes the evaluation of structural factors, positioning, and available space.

After procuring the necessary solar equipment, the solar team begins the process of installing solar panels on the site. The goal is to ensure proper integration with the grid to ensure reliable and efficient energy transmission. The installation of solar panels is a precise and carefully executed process to maximize exposure to sunlight.

To enhance the panel's efficiency, power optimizers are installed, allowing each panel to make the most of solar energy.

Professional solar panel installation ensures that the system is optimized, providing high efficiency and the longevity of the power plant. As an additional innovative solution, we implement a performance monitoring system for solar power plants to enable continuous monitoring of electricity production.

The installation of solar power plants is preceded by the procurement of components.

Collaborating with GoodWe, a leading global inverter solutions manufacturer, elevates the quality of our services. A diverse selection of single-phase and three-phase solar inverters meets households' needs for reliable and sustainable electricity production.

Factors affecting solar panel installation

Roof lifespan

Solar panel installation depends on the age of the roof because older roofs, especially those nearing the end of their lifespan, often require additional work or replacement before solar panels can be installed. This is to avoid situations in the future where it becomes necessary to remove panels from the roof to renovate the roof covering, which could lead to the loss of warranties.

Well-maintained roofs are suitable for solar panel installation as they provide a stable foundation for the panels and contribute to the long-term efficiency of solar power plants. Therefore, stable roofs are crucial for a successful solar power plant installation.

Roofing material

Some suitable roofing materials for solar panel installation include metal roofing, tiles, or flat roofs. These materials offer a solid and stable base for panel installation, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the solar system.

On the other hand, materials like cement boards or terracotta tiles are unsuitable for solar panel installation due to their lack of stability and durability.

Roof orientation

To make solar panel installation as efficient as possible, it is essential for the building to have good access to sunlight during most of the day. Roof orientation towards the south or southwest is usually ideal for maximum sun exposure. Also, the available roof space must be sufficient to install an adequate number of panels to meet the energy needs of the home or building.

Proper planning of panel location and orientation, as well as the selection of the appropriate number of panels, is crucial to achieve the best performance and cost-effectiveness of the solar system.

Duplico Solar Power Plants

The success of solar panel installation is reflected in the fact that professional installers bring the necessary knowledge and experience for the efficient installation of photovoltaic systems. Additionally, we provide training for operators to ensure the high-quality operation and maintenance of solar facilities.

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