GoodWe: a key component of a successful solar system

The high standards of GoodWe inverters make solar energy even more accessible and practical for every investor.


Solar energy, one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources worldwide, is changing how we generate and utilize electrical power. Innovations in solar technology are strongly influencing the development of solar power plants and proactively changing the energy sector.

The use of solar power plants offers a range of benefits, from financial savings and reduced environmental pollution to the energy independence of investors. Through a comprehensive understanding of these advantages, we open the doors to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

When designing and installing solar power plants, expertise and quality are critical factors representing a guarantee of a professional response to all investor requirements.

GoodWe innovative solutions

GoodWe presents an exceptionally competitive portfolio of energy storage solutions under the name EcoSmart Commercial, providing a comprehensive range of options to meet the needs of the growing segment of commercial and industrial users of solar power plants.

EcoSmart Commercial encompasses a variety of compatible products, including inverters, batteries, and associated equipment for commercial and industrial applications. Furthermore, it includes a line of comprehensive solutions for optimizing electricity production from solar panels.

For households, EcoSmart Home is available, a portfolio of energy storage solutions for residential use.

One of the new solutions is the new three-phase hybrid inverter from the ET series with a power range of 15-30 kW. Designed for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, such a high-voltage inverter enables reliable management of peak loads, providing optimized autonomy and reduced energy costs.

GoodWe solutions are based on advanced solutions crucial for every energy system, providing intelligent battery management and the optimization of electricity production from solar panels. By implementing GoodWe photovoltaic systems, investors, regardless of the size of the facility, can achieve significant economic, environmental, and operational benefits. GoodWe is continually dedicated to developing innovative solutions that promote sustainability and the efficient use of renewable energy.

A diverse selection of high-quality solutions for households, commercial, and industrial projects emphasizes high efficiency and safety.


New GoodWe three phase inverter snage 15-30 kW, ET Series.

Advantages of GoodWe Inverters:

1. Inverters for Various Energy Needs

GoodWe provides a range of inverter models with power ranging from 0.7 kW to 350 kW. This wide selection of inverters allows for adaptation to different types of solar systems, whether they are for residential, commercial, or industrial building needs.

2. High-Quality Equipment

GoodWe is dedicated to continuously improving its products and expanding its offerings to ensure that production capacity and solar equipment consistently meet the highest standards in the renewable energy industry.

3. Smart Technologies

Inverters are equipped with advanced monitoring and diagnostic systems, allowing users to gain deep insights into the performance of solar systems through an application.

Likewise, smart systems such as the GoodWe EcoSmart Commercial monitoring platform enable users to accurately monitor and manage the production and consumption of solar energy, providing them with real-time control and efficiency.

Design and installation of solar power plants

Advanced technological innovations promote the transformation of solar power plants, providing sophisticated software solutions for efficient renewable energy utilization.

The combination of high-quality standards, including GoodWe inverters, makes solar energy a more accessible, environmentally friendly, and practical option for every investor.

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