Duplico organized the first GoodWe+Installer training in Croatia

First GoodWe PLUS+Installer training and certification for solar partners. Read all about the benefits of certifications for solar power systems.


With 20 years of experience in the field of the energy industry, we partnered up with GoodWe – one of the biggest distributors of solar system equipment in the world.

With this partnership, we organized the first on-site GoodWe PLUS+ training program in Croatia. The event was a hands-on training session that provided solar system professionals with the latest knowledge and skills required to obtain the GoodWe PLUS+ Installer certificate.

Our solar partners were granted access to GoodWe's customer service program, including benefits and warranty extensions, as well as exclusive after-sales support.

GoodWe PLUS+ certification for solar system installers

The training cycle consisted of three modules that focused on the practical skills and needs of solar system installers.

Participants who completed the program were recognized as qualified GoodWe PLUS+ Installers, providing them with technical training for GoodWe products and a free warranty extension.

Benefits of GoodWe PLUS+ certification:

  • GoodWe PLUS+ Installer Certification
  • Technical training for GoodWe products
  • Free warranty extension
  • Exclusive after-sales benefits

Duplico Solar Academy

Duplico Solar Academy offers solar consultants access to ready-made projects, enabling them to expedite the construction process of solar power plants. It is intended for legal and natural persons who want to become Duplico Solar consultants.

Our web portal provides technical data, operating, and assembly instructions in Croatian, and allows partners to enjoy the most favorable solar power conditions.

Duplico Solar Academy not only provides partners with the necessary skills and knowledge to install and maintain solar power systems but also allows them to network and collaborate with other solar specialists.

By working together, specialists can share best practices and lessons learned, leading to a more efficient and effective solar industry overall.

Moreover, in partnership with the GoodWe PLUS+ program, Duplico Solar Academy provides comprehensive training and support for solar system experts.

Duplico Solar Academy has several benefits:

  • reduced administration
  • networking with solar system partners
  • technical, commercial, legal, and accounting support
  • solar power plant without taxes
  • financial benefits
  • education, training, and certification
  • service and replacement of devices in a malfunction

Duplico Solar mission

By offering training and certification programs for solar partners, Duplico is contributing to the growth and acceptance of solar power as a viable alternative to traditional energy sources.

With a trained and certified workforce, the solar industry can continue to provide high-quality, reliable solar power systems that meet the needs of customers while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.

Duplico has a mission to make solar power more common and accepted, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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