We participated in the 8th HO CIRED conference

Through our attendance at the CIRED conference, we gained valuable insights into the latest trends in electric power engineering, fostering knowledge exchange and professional development in the industry.


In early June, we participated in the 8th Session of CIRED Croatian National Comitee in Trogir. This event brought together numerous experts in the field of electric power engineering to exchange knowledge and experiences.

CIRED is an international conference that gathers professionals from the electric distribution sector. Its focus is on enhancing professional competencies, capabilities, and knowledge in the field of electric power distribution.

Participants of this conference include experts from distribution companies, institutes, universities, equipment manufacturers, service providers, operators, and regulators.

The role of solar energy in the energy industry

In addition to cybersecurity, we also presented our solar solutions related to the design and installation of rooftop solar systems. Considering the growing interest in renewable energy sources, our solar solutions garnered significant attention from conference participants.

The emphasis was on the efficient utilization of solar energy and reducing dependence on traditional sources of electric power.

During the event, we also showcased the GoodWe EV charger. This solution enables efficient utilization of solar energy for charging electric vehicles, representing a crucial step towards sustainable transportation and reducing harmful emissions.

One-stop cyber solution

At this year's HO CIRED conference, approximately 300 participants attended discussions on various topics, including trends in electric power distribution, decentralization, and sustainability.

We had the opportunity to showcase our ICT solutions with a special emphasis on cybersecurity. Our experts actively participated in discussions on current challenges and the latest trends in cybersecurity.

Recognizing the growing impact of cyber attacks on businesses, we presented our solutions in the field of cybersecurity.

An increasing number of organizations recognize the importance of protecting their systems from cyber threats. Therefore, we focused on providing reliable and innovative solutions that help safeguard data and infrastructure.

Our presence at the 8th Conference of the Croatian Branch of CIRED in Trogir was highly successful. We had the opportunity to exchange experiences with other experts, establish new business contacts, and present our innovative solutions contributing to the development of electric power engineering in Croatia and beyond.

We eagerly look forward to future conferences that will provide us with even greater opportunities for progress and collaboration in this dynamic field.

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