We nurture the tradition of holiday gift giving to children

We delighted more than 60 children of employees with holiday gifts and sweets.


Finally, the holiday atmosphere has arrived in Duplico We have continued the tradition of giving gifts to the children of employees during the time of Saint Nicholas. We have prepared a plethora of gifts for our youngest ones that will brighten their hearts and enhance their holidays.

Giving gifts to children of employees on Saint Nicholas

The holiday atmosphere has finally arrived, along with the tradition of giving gifts to the children of employees on the occasion of Saint Nicholas. This year's gift-giving included more than 60 small boots, each filled with various gifts and sweets, prepared with special care.

We have always felt a special joy because of this tradition, and there is no better feeling than when a child opens a present under the holiday tree with eyes full of joy. We believe that these small miracles, these moments of pure joy, are what make the holidays special. Every year, with respect for tradition, we continue with holiday gifts for the children of our employees, hoping that we have participated not only in the momentary happiness, but also in the lasting memories of their childhood days

We collected the wishes and gift lists of our youngest ones on time, and we were delighted by the creativity and imagination of their wishes this year. Each boot hides a special surprise created to make their holidays brighter.

This gift-giving tradition holds special significance as it reflects the spirit of unity and care among us. We look forward to the moment when children will open their gifts with smiles on their faces, bringing warmth and joy to the space that Saint Nicholas brings.

Considering the challenges of the modern business world, such initiatives play a crucial role in preserving unity and creating a positive work environment. Especially during the holidays, when stress can be present due to increased workload and responsibilities, we recognize the importance of creating space for joy and mutual support.

The holiday atmosphere in Duplico

The longstanding tradition of holiday gift-giving to children in Duplico reflects the essence of the holiday spirit - the joy of giving and love for those we care about, something Duplico takes pride in year after year.

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