Duplico backyard burger&beer fest

We believe that happy employees make for a happy workplace. So we organized this event to give our hardworking team members a chance to unwind, bond with one another, and enjoy delicious food and drinks.


As a fun way to wind down after a long week, we organized a Duplico Burger & Beer Day event.

We decided to surprise our employees with an on-site event where they could indulge in burgers, tortillas, chocolate cakes, drinks, and more.

Duplico Burger & beer day

At Duplico, the well-being and happiness of our employees are a top priority. Our goal is to create a positive atmosphere that encourages our employees to relax and enjoy their work environment. To achieve this, we organize various events and activities that improve our corporate culture and bring our team together.

One recent event that we held was Burger & Beer Day.

We wanted to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for our hardworking employees to unwind and enjoy some delicious food and drinks with the help of the CHEFlja food truck.

Our team members were delighted by this treat and enjoyed soaking up the sunshine in our backyard while chatting and laughing with their colleagues.


Duplico team enjoying CHEFlja food truck treats.

Happy Friday afternoon

At the heart of our company culture is the belief that happy employees are productive employees.

We're all about creating a positive environment where our team members can take a breather from their hectic schedules and really connect with each other. We want everyone to feel like they're part of a community that supports one another.

We strive to plan fun events like this because they help us maintain that positive work culture we can all appreciate. Plus, it's our way of showing our colleagues that we truly appreciate and care for them.

After all, happy employees make for a happy workplace.