We held the Duplico Christmas celebration

Another Christmas gathering is behind us. Find out how we spent our time and celebrated the end of the business year.


And this year, we concluded with our traditional Christmas gathering. We gathered in large numbers to celebrate the upcoming holidays together and mark the end of yet another business year.

An additional reason for celebration was that our traditional Christmas gathering also marked the 21st anniversary of the existence of the company Duplico.

Traditional Duplico Christmas Celebration

All present gathered in a pleasant environment of colleagues to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere together. This year's Duplico Christmas gathering was particularly significant as we reflected on the achievements and challenges successfully overcome during the past business year.

The company's director opened the evening with a speech, looking back on the year and emphasizing the importance of collaboration and the personal commitment of each employee. He highlighted key accomplished goals, emphasizing that teamwork and individual contributions had enabled the company's success in a rapidly changing business environment.

The evening was marked by indulging in a variety of dishes and delicacies provided by CHEFLja, while the band contributed to the pleasant atmosphere, getting everyone on their feet.

Work anniversary at Duplico

Anniversary moments were not overlooked at this year's Christmas gathering.

Special recognitions were given to employees who marked five, ten, and fifteen years of dedicated work at Duplico. On this occasion, we particularly highlighted their long-standing contribution to the company's success, emphasizing the dedication and contributions they provided to the development of Duplico.

Anniversary awards are not merely a formality; they are a symbol of gratitude for their effort and dedication, providing motivation for our employees to continue their work.

The Christmas gathering was an opportunity for a collective year-end, but also the beginning of new challenges.

We are committed to fostering the personal and professional development of our employees, and in the light of the upcoming year, we plan to continue innovating in the field of electrical engineering and ICT solutions.

We look forward to the next year, where we will continue to invest in innovations and the people who form the foundation of Duplico.