Acquiring a solar power plant with favorable credit conditions

Construction of a solar power plant with the possibility of a more favorable ECO credit.


Setting up a solar power plant and switching to clean and environmentally friendly energy is no longer an unattainable investment.

With the advancement of solar power plant technology and the constant growth of electricity and gas prices on the market, solar power plant construction projects are becoming more and more attractive and accessible to facility owners.

Installing a solar power plant comes with numerous advantages such as reduced electricity bills and a negative impact on the environment.

Duplico designs and installs solar power plants

In the wide portfolio of electric power projects, we have included a comprehensive approach to the design and installation of solar power plants with support to investors in all aspects of construction, starting from consultation, design, assistance in obtaining the necessary permits, installation, and maintenance.

The first step towards building your solar power plant is to fill out the solar calculator, a tool that, after entering the basic parameters of the facility and the expected power of the solar power plant, sends all users an informative offer for the construction of the power plant along with all the necessary information and a construction schedule by e-mail.

Solar power plants have an average lifespan of more than 25 years, and with proper maintenance, this lifespan can be significantly extended.

What is the credit realization procedure?

It is enough for our customer to bring our proforma invoice to the nearest Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.

We install equipment from renowned manufacturers

We install solar solutions from GoodWe the world's leading manufacturer of inverter systems in solar power plants.

High-quality and reliable GoodWe equipment uses advanced features such as monitoring, remote control, and integration of smart networks that enable improved control of energy consumption.

DAH Solar panels come with a patented rimless technology, which reduces the possibility of collecting impurities while saving resources because there is no need for frequent washing to maintain performance.

You only need a minute to calculate the cost of your solar project and take the first step in the transition to renewable energy sources, with special financing conditions.