Career in IT support: Advice from the head of Duplico IT department

The head of the IT department at Duplico shared with us what a career in IT support looks like and which qualities and skills of employees are key to progress in this dynamic sector.


Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a successful career in IT support and become a key player in ensuring seamless operations for companies?

The world of ICT continues to be a fascinating realm that continually shapes how we live, work, and communicate. At the heart of this dynamic sector, technological advancements and innovations continuously open doors to new technological possibilities.

The rapid technological progress is driving the growing demand for IT support experts.

We spoke with Tomislav Novosel, Head of IT Department at Duplico, to explore the intricacies of a career in IT support. In this interview, we'll delve into the typical workday in the IT department, the qualities that make an ideal IT professional, and what a career in IT support looks like.

1. What does a typical workday look like for someone in IT support at Duplico?

From a technical standpoint, every day boils down to solving user problems, whether through remote support or on-site assistance. We never have the same day twice because the issues we encounter are almost always unique, with each user facing their specific challenges. This dynamic nature makes our job extremely engaging, as we face new challenges and situations requiring creative solutions every day.

Among other tasks, some of the primary responsibilities of an IT support professional include monitoring server and network infrastructures, performing backups, maintaining network infrastructure, installing network and server equipment, designing network and server solutions, handling administrative duties, logging and tracking user requests in the ticketing system, and providing IT support to internal and external users.

2. What qualities and skills do you consider essential for successful work in IT support?

A career in IT support demands key attributes like reliability, responsibility, and diligence, as these qualities are the foundation of successful work in our field. Additionally, reliability and responsibility empower us to take initiative and resolve issues swiftly and efficiently.

Since daily communication with users is inevitable, emotional intelligence becomes a critical component of effective interaction and problem-solving for IT professionals.

3. What are the challenges of providing IT support to your clients?

The biggest challenges in providing IT support to our clients include effectively managing the emotional aspect of user interactions when reporting IT issues. We often encounter clients who are stressed, and every situation feels urgent and important. In such moments, IT experts must assess priorities and provide solutions for what is most critical at the moment.

Of course, along with these challenges, we also strive to complete tasks quickly and efficiently, as IT support is expected to resolve issues with minimal downtime. Delivering quality service remains our primary goal, even in an environment where speed also matters.

4. What do you expect from a new employee in your department?

I expect new employees to remain open to learning continuously. Given the rapid development and advancement of technology, it's crucial for them to proactively embrace new technologies and ways of thinking.

Furthermore, a career in IT support requires self-awareness and self-criticism to enable continuous self-improvement.

5. What do you expect from seniors, and what do you expect from juniors?

From seniors, we expect a high degree of autonomy and the ability to execute complex tasks with minimal need for supervision while adhering to established deadlines.

Juniors should demonstrate a willingness to learn and continuously prove themselves in progressively more challenging tasks. Additionally, they are expected to learn new technologies and deepen their knowledge of the subject matter required for the job.

6. How do you enable employee development, and are there additional educational opportunities?

Employee development is possible through work and additional education.

Education is provided gradually and in line with the job description and the needs of the business environment.

Alongside job-related duties, additional education allows employees to develop both in their current roles and the perspective of future advancement within the company. This way, we encourage continuous growth and development within our team, resulting in more successful and satisfied colleagues.

7. What are the challenges for employees in this department?

One of the primary challenges for employees in the IT department is the dynamic nature of the job, where each day brings new situations and challenges. Additionally, we often deal with clients who may be stressed, and every situation is urgent and important. To successfully overcome these challenges, key qualities such as composure, emotional stability, and the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively are crucial.

8. What does a job interview in the IT department look like?

A job interview for the IT department consists of several stages. It begins with a brief knowledge assessment test and an introduction to the company. It is followed by the candidate's presentation, where we delve deeper into their technical knowledge. Finally, the interview assesses social and interpersonal skills.

9. What are the greatest advantages of working in IT support?

The greatest advantage of working in IT support lies in the outstanding opportunities for learning and personal development. Here, you'll have plenty of chances to build and showcase your skills. Dynamic workdays are the norm, ensuring that boredom is never an issue. Moreover, IT support provides a rapid introduction to new information technologies.

10. What recommendations or advice do you have for those considering a career in IT support?

For individuals interested in IT, I recommend preparing for continuous learning during and after working hours. It's essential to listen to experienced colleagues and learn from their expertise. Additionally, avoid rushing and learn to take things one step at a time.

Emotional control is crucial, as this profession involves interacting with diverse personalities and situations.


Tomislav Novosel as a speaker at the "Cyber ​​Roundtable."

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A career in IT support means participating in this continuous process of transformation, where your knowledge and skills contribute to maintaining and enhancing the technological infrastructure that drives our modern daily lives.

Being part of a team that ensures seamless system operation, solves technical challenges, and supports users in utilizing sophisticated technologies plays a pivotal role in achieving success and competitiveness in this fast-paced IT environment.

Understanding key trends, adaptability to new technologies, and excellent communication with users become fundamental elements for a successful career in IT support. Through this dynamic professional field, you not only have the opportunity to keep up with technological innovations but also actively shape the future of the digital world.

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