Duplico among the 300 top companies in the ICT sector for 2022 recently presented a list of the top 300 domestic companies in the ICT sector for 2022.


Dynamics and development in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) continuously push the boundaries of business. A significant milestone for Duplico is the recognition that places it among the top 300 domestic companies in the ICT sector for 2022.

Based on financial analyses from the previous year provided by Dun & Bradstreet Croatia, subsequently researched by, the companies within the telecommunications and software sectors are undeniably established as the main driving forces in the ICT market.

Top 300 Domestic ICT Companies for the Year 2022

The steadfast development of the domestic market continues to be evident. The newly created value within the Croatian ICT sector has now risen to 15.6 billion croatian kunas. This figure stands out even more prominently with an extraordinary annual growth rate of 18.79%, unequivocally emphasizing the pervasive momentum spanning across various sectors.

As the domestic ICT sector continues to evolve, a clear trend is discernible - software companies are the driving force behind the creation of new value. Their capability for innovation, adaptation, and responding to growing market demands positions them as key players in expanding the ICT sector.

This recognition as one of the leading ICT companies further encourages us to continue investing in research and development. Also, to provide solutions that follow technological trends, and deliver real benefits to our clients. We remain dedicated to maintaining high standards, innovation, and quality across all aspects of our business.

The Dynamic World of the ICT Industry

The rapid expansion of the ICT industry plays a pivotal role in modern communication methods, access to information, and business optimization. The growth of this industry is a result of the widespread integration of technology into daily life, coupled with increasing interest in sophisticated and accessible communication and information systems.

Duplico is dedicated to the development of digital products and services to provide clients with an orientation in this dynamic ICT sphere.

We leverage specialized knowledge and rich experience tailored to each industry. We closely collaborate with our partners and clients to shape individual solutions and achieve exceptional results.

Duplico offers high-quality security solutions, particularly in the areas of cybersecurity services and consulting. Our IT services encompass the entire process of designing and maintaining IT infrastructure. Indispensable 24/7 IT support services ensure seamless functioning of business systems.

Furthermore, we implement prefabricated modular data centers (PFM), enabling our clients to achieve optimal scalability, efficiency, and reliability for their IT infrastructure.