How to clean solar panels

Cleaning solar panels is really easy - all you need is warm water and a cloth. Read more additional information on how to protect your solar panels.


Why is it important to clean solar panels

To generate electricity, solar panels collect the sunlight that reaches the solar cells. However, for solar cells to achieve their maximum, obstacles such as shadows, trees, fallen leaves, or shading on the rooftop can significantly reduce the capacity of electricity production of the solar panels.

The rule is that the more sunlight touches a solar panel, the more electricity it produces. As a result, the location of the solar panels on the rooftop is critical for optimal electricity production.

Dirt accumulates on the rooftops of buildings over time, which is often not washed away, for example, by rain. The amount of dirt on solar panels affects the amount of solar energy collected, and thus the functionality of the solar panels themselves. Dust, dirt from rain, leaves, and other debris that accumulate on the surface of solar panels prevent sunlight from reaching the solar cells, which generate electricity.

Clean solar panels have been recorded to produce as much as 25% more electricity than dirty solar panels. By ensuring that the solar panels are always clean, they will always generate the maximum amount of electricity for you.

Experts recommend cleaning solar panels every three to six months, which is roughly two to four times a year.

When to clean solar panels

In addition to seeing with the naked eye that your solar panels are dirty, it is more difficult to see that when the solar panels are located on the rooftop. If your solar power generation measurement software is showing lower power generation than usual, you can conclude that the one possible reason is that your solar power plant is dirty.

Cleaning solar panels is very easy - all you need is water and a cloth.

Cleaning with harsh chemicals or using high-pressure water is not recommended in order to not damage the protective layer of the solar panels. Wet the solar panel with warm water and simply wipe it with a clean cloth.

It is very important to maximize the amount of light that reaches the solar panel, which you can accomplish by keeping the solar panels clean. Maximum solar energy production will allow you to recoup your investment in solar power plants more quickly.

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