Duplico at the Power and Energy Masters conference

Our engineering team introduced conference participants with the advantages of solar systems.


In October last year, we participated in the "Power and Energy Masters" conference at the Kolovare Hotel in Zadar.

It is an international gathering that attracted leading Croatian experts from the energy sector in Croatia and abroad.

Numerous professionals in the energy sector discussed the technological challenges of the energy crisis and future strategies and innovations in the energy industry - especially renewable energy sources.

Power and Energy Masters

The 15th international scientific and professional conference "Energy and process plants" and the 10th international forum on renewable energy sources, which was held on October 12-14, 2022, turned out to be a great opportunity to show our solar project - Duplico Solar.

Our engineering team presented Duplico Solar and all the possibilities of GoodWe solar solutions to the conference participants. Also, how to independently make an informative calculation of a solar power plant using a solar calculator.

At the conference, we gathered a large number of valuable partnerships.

Duplico and renewable energy transition

The energy transition, as the first step towards a cleaner and more accessible energy, has shown many benefits for citizens, primarily savings on electricity bills.

They discussed major challenges for the European Union and its member states in the area of energy efficiency in buildings. The green energy transition has also brought the trend of "zero emission buildings" that do not produce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. It is planned that "zero emission buildings" will be the standard for all newly built public buildings by 2028.

As part of the Green Energy Transition, Duplico presented its products and solutions at the exhibition halls. As well as presenting all the advantages of designing and building your solar system as the first step toward the use of renewable energy sources.

If you are thinking about how to reduce excessive electricity bills, using solar power plants is the first step towards energy independence.

At this year's Power and Energy Masters, the main conclusion was reached - that solar and geothermal energy, heat pumps, biomass, and hydrogen are in the foreground for the Green Energy Transition. As it seems, an increasing number of citizens are starting to follow this trend.

It takes a couple of minutes for you to calculate the expense of your solar project. Try it out here.