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Design and manufacturing of 25 new programmable solar gas lift controllers with solar panel for automatization of gas lift systems.

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INA - Industrija Nafte d.d.

INA, d.d. is a mid-sized European oil firm with a prominent presence in the Croatian oil industry and a solid standing in the region. The INA Group encompasses a number of firms either wholly or partially owned by INA, d.d.

INA - Industrija Nafte, d.d. is a mid-sized European oil company with a prominent position in the Croatian oil business and a robust presence in the region. The INA Group is involved in oil and gas exploration and production, oil processing, and the distribution of oil and oil products. Founded on January 1st, 1964, through the merger of Naftaplin (an oil and gas exploration and production company) with the refineries in Rijeka and Sisak.

INA, d.d. is a publicly traded company with MOL Plc and the Republic of Croatia as its largest shareholders. A minority of shares are held by private and institutional investors. The company's shares have been listed on the Zagreb stock exchange since December 1st, 2006.

The INA Group is headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia and is comprised of several affiliated companies wholly or partially owned by INA, d.d. As of December 31st, 2021, the INA Group employed 9,655 people.

In addition to its operations in Croatia, INA has a presence in Angola and Egypt in the oil and gas exploration and production sector. The company also manages a modern network of over 500 service stations in Croatia and neighboring countries.

Project Scope

Popovača - Oilfield Stružec

The location of the project was in the Republic of Croatia, Popovača on the oilfield Stružec
The project scope was designed, manufactured and delivered of 25 gas Programmable solar controller for the gas-lift system.
Project includes:
1.     Designed and delivered 25 gas lift cabinets with all necessary equipment
2.     Programming the EASY Intelligent Relay time switch.
3.     Delivered electromagnetic valves for gas-lift wells

Duplico Solution

Duplico +RO-LIFT lift controller

Our company successfully delivered a comprehensive solution for the gas-lift system on the Stružec oilfield in Popovača, Republic of Croatia. The project involved the design, manufacturing, and delivery of 25 programmable solar controllers tailored to meet the specific needs of the oilfield.

To begin with, our team designed and manufactured 25 gas lift cabinets, which served as the central control units for the gas-lift system. These cabinets were equipped with all the necessary equipment, including state-of-the-art control panels, switches, sensors, and other essential components. Each cabinet was crafted to ensure optimal functionality and durability in the challenging oilfield environment.

In addition to the cabinets, we provided expertise in programming the EASY Intelligent Relay time switch, a cutting-edge device that played a crucial role in automating and optimizing the gas-lift system. Our experienced programmers configured the time switch to perform specific actions based on predetermined time intervals. This enabled the system to operate efficiently and effectively, reducing manual intervention and enhancing productivity.

Furthermore, we delivered electromagnetic valves for gas-lift wells. These valves are vital components that control the flow of gas to the wells, optimizing the lifting process. Our company ensured the timely delivery of these valves, which were installed in the gas-lift wells, allowing for precise regulation of gas flow and improved overall system performance.

Duplico Services

Throughout our presence on the market of the Republic of Croatia, European Union & beyond, we have profiled ourselves as a leading expert within many industries. Here is how we can help You.


  • I would accentuate Duplico as a very positive example of innovation and the application of the latest technologies and trends, such as "state-of-the-art" remote control systems. We are proud of the numerous applications of Siemens systems and solutions in water management, industry, and energy projects. In current Croatian surroundings, I also perceive Duplico to be an inspiring "role model" of successful digital transformation of its own business processes.

    Ivana Ilic Head of Digital Industries at Siemens Croatia
  • The peculiarity and the key to the long-term success of the Duplico company lies in the exceptional agility and commitment of the Duplico team in providing the best service to clients, openness to adopting new knowledge and innovative technologies, and a high level of expertise and cooperation.

    Arthur Vasarevic Country General Manager (CRO/SLO/BIH)
  • I started working with Duplico more than 10 years ago. I would especially emphasize their focus on client satisfaction, flexibility in finding technical and administrative solutions, and adaptation to changes within the projects we have collaborated on.

    Tomislav Durokovic Senior director, Teva global engineering
  • Duplico is a truly quality partner that we plan to rely on in future business challenges. The professional attitude towards the client, which is unquestionable from the contracting process, the execution of works, to the commissioning of the equipment or plant, places Duplico among our privileged partners in the domain of electrical works

    Dinko Condic Chief Executive Officer
  • Cooperation with Duplico is straightforward and high-quality because their experts know and understand the plant operation technology, and their knowledge is broader than just the knowledge of software development.

    Igor Herman Chief Executive Officer (Weishaupt d.o.o. - Celje)
  • We are happy to work with Duplico as one of our main partners in the region. In this ascending roadmap, we are careful to select key partners who can support and carry the GoodWe brand, technology, and know-how in the highest of standards.

    Thanasis Sakkas Sales Director Channels Europe & NA region at GoodWe
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