Solar calculator: estimate the costs of your solar power plant

Before investing in solar power plants, it is important to assess potential costs to make an informed decision.


Croatia, with an average of 2500 sunny hours per year, stands out as a country with high solar potential, becoming one of the leading European Union countries in this regard.

Despite variations depending on geographical location and climate conditions, Croatia distinguishes itself with immense potential for harnessing solar resources through photovoltaic power plants.

The high levels of sunshine in the continental part and slightly greater levels on the coast enable cost-effective production of solar energy compared to other European countries.

Discover the costs of a solar power plant with the solar calculator

Before embarking on the implementation of a solar power plant, it is important to determine the costs in advance to make an informed decision.

Use the solar calculator to assess the size and cost required to build a solar power plant that will meet the energy needs of your facility.

Various factors such as location, capacity of solar panels, and type of installation influence the cost of a solar power plant.

What to know before entering the solar calculator?

  • The phase of the current connection of the facility
  • Desired power of the solar power plant
  • Planned time for the construction of the solar power plant

You need to find out the total consumption of the facility in kilowatt-hours (kWh) over the past 12 months. You can do this by checking your electricity bills or contacting your local supplier for kWh consumption information.

You can estimate the required power of the solar power plant by dividing the annual consumption in kWh (found on the electricity bill) by 1000. This will give you an approximate estimated power for the power plant as a basis for preparing an informative offer, e.g., consumption of 3000 kWh corresponds to a proposed power of 3 kW.

Based on data about the type of connection and the power of the power plant, the solar calculator will generate an estimate of the cost of building the solar power plant, including all costs: solar panels, inverters, and all related materials and works for the construction of the solar power plant, which include supports for solar panels, cables, and connectors.

The formed price also includes the creation of the main project.

What depends on the power and final cost of the solar power plant?

The power and final cost of the solar power plant depend on your current and future energy consumption, location, equipment, and the availability of subsidies and incentives that you can use.

Estimating these costs with the solar calculator will provide you with a clearer picture of the investment and facilitate the financial planning of the solar power plant.

Of course, the estimated price you get from the solar calculator is an estimate, and you will find out the final price upon receiving a commercial and technical offer.

Financing a solar power plant is easier with incentives

The current situation with incentives in Croatia is very favorable for investors as they are available at the state, county, and city levels. Most investors will use or wait for a Public Call before building their solar power plant.

Currently open Public Calls or incentives for the design and/or construction of a solar power plant can be found at the link.

You can read about the entire process of obtaining a solar power plant in the article.

Calculate the solar potential in a few minutes

Calculate the solar potential of your facility quickly and easily using our solar calculator.

We provide support at every step of the process, starting from collecting and reviewing the necessary documentation to commissioning the solar power plant. Our team of experts provides consulting and technical support to clients throughout the implementation process.

With a special focus on private users, we offer favorable financing terms and assist in collecting and reviewing documentation. The process includes filling out the Application for checking the possibility of connecting a household with its own production to HEP ODS. After submitting the application, we collaborate with you in the process of waiting for HEP ODS's approval.

After installation, we fill out the request to change the status of a household with its own production to HEP ODS. After receiving confirmation of permanent operation from HEP ODS, the power plant starts operating.

Start the process of obtaining your own solar power plant with our solar calculator and receive an informative offer via email.