How to acquire a solar power plant with incentives?

Considering the current incentives for solar power plants, investing in solar power plants in Croatia represents a key strategy for achieving significant savings on electricity bills.


Increasing environmental concerns and the need to transition to clean energy are directing attention towards solar power plants. In addition to reducing the negative impact on the environment, a solar power plant offers significant financial benefits, opening doors to substantial savings when utilizing this sustainable energy option.

In recent years, numerous European Union member states have implemented strategies to promote the use of solar energy, focusing not only on financial aspects but also on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and strengthening the energy independence of EU member states.

Incentives for solar power plants

Investing in solar power plants in Croatia brings significant financial benefits through savings on electricity bills. The extensive availability of incentives at the state, county, municipal, and city levels allows both households and legal entities to recover a significant portion of the invested funds in solar power plants.

Applying for public tenders to co-finance the construction of photovoltaic power plants requires additional commitment, as it involves collecting and submitting documentation, but it brings savings through a return on investment ranging from 40 to 80%, depending on the conditions of the specific tender.

Although citizens already achieve savings on electricity bills by installing a power plant, the use of incentives accelerates the return on investment.

Solar power plants provide a practical solution for households, enabling access to cheap and secure energy. In this way, citizens can achieve stability in a dynamic environment of changing energy prices.

Therefore, considering the current incentives for solar power plants, investing in solar power plants in Croatia represents a key strategy for achieving significant savings on electricity bills, contributing simultaneously to sustainability and economic gain. This opens the path for investors towards financially viable and environmentally responsible energy solutions.

More information about current incentives can be found at the provided link.

How to obtain solar power plants?

The conditions for installing solar power plants are an important topic when considering investment. Understanding how produced and consumed energy is recorded and strategies for maximizing investment profitability is crucial for successful implementation.

The decision to invest in a solar power plant for a family home requires thorough information and a cost-benefit assessment to facilitate the decision-making process.

The path to realizing a solar power plant construction project includes:

  1. Creating an informative calculation
  2. Collecting data on annual consumption, location, and property for budgeting and sizing the power plant
  3. Creating the main project
  4. Obtaining the Electrical Energy Approval for connecting the power plant
  5. Installing bidirectional meters
  6. Assembling the solar power plant
  7. Obtaining a permit for the permanent operation of the power plant

Creating a complete technical and commercial offer requires information such as:

  • Annual electricity consumption (photograph or scan of bills from the electricity supplier for the previous 12 months/energy card)
  • Information about planned increases in electricity consumption in the future
  • Connection power in kW and type of connection (single-phase or three-phase)
  • Roof description (e.g., age, type of roofing material, orientation, dimensions)
  • Photograph of the building (several photographs from multiple angles)
  • Proof of ownership (land registry extract; the owner of the connection must be the owner or co-owner of the property)

Duplico solar power plants

The greatest motivation for investors in a solar power plant lies in the recognized potential for eliminating financial losses and achieving financial gains. Considering the significant availability of incentives for solar power plants, investors have the opportunity to thoroughly explore available incentives before embarking on the construction process.

Duplico's team of experts participates in the comprehensive process of building a solar power plant to provide a detailed analysis of needs and potential options for optimal plant construction.

We offer consulting and technical services to clients for all stages of solar power plant construction according to their specific needs.

Start by filling out the solar calculator, which will generate an informative calculation for your solar power plant.