Duplico is UL certified for electrical cabinet production

After extensive training and education, Duplico experts received a UL certificate for "UL 508A Qualified Manufacturer Technical Representative" for designing and manufacturing electrical cabinets.


As a company specializing in the development and advanced solutions in the field of designing and manufacturing electrical cabinets, we continuously engage in the education of our employees, thereby building our high expertise in the energy sector.

To further improve our skills and knowledge in the manufacturing of electrical cabinets, we have acquired another in a series of important and internationally recognized certificates. The UL 508A certificate in the field of safe and high-quality production of electrical cabinets.

UL certified experts

After extensive training and three-day exams, seven Duplico engineers completed education and mandatory training and received the "UL 508A Qualified Manufacturer Technical Representative" certificate.

With this, we are proud to be one of the few UL 508A-certified manufacturers of electrical cabinets, and we can produce and deliver electrical cabinets to the American and Canadian markets.

The UL 508A certificate is issued by Underwriter Laboratories (UL), one of the most credible certification companies that certify products, processes, and systems based on industry standards.

Along with software products and consulting services, UL provides testing, inspection, and certification of products, processes, and systems based on industry-wide standards.

This is why UL certificates serve as a recognized symbol for proving the safety and quality of a company's products, services, and processes.

This certification proves that our electrical control systems are available for sale and use in the USA and Canada. It is also a guarantee that our electrical control panels and automation systems are designed, manufactured, and installed by the quality and safety standards of UL 508A.


What is the UL 508A standard?

UL508 A is the technical standard for industrial control panels in the USA. It covers the basic foundations for safety in electrical installations. It's determined by the NEC (Regionally Acceptable Standard for the Safe Installation of Electrical Installations and Equipment). It includes the guidelines specified in the NFPA 79 standard (Protection of operators, equipment, production sites, and occupational safety from electrical hazards) for the needs design and production of industrial electrical control cabinets.

The UL certified 508A MTR program provides a means for manufacturer personnel to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the UL 508A standard. This qualification gives the manufacturer proof that its employees are qualified and competent to design and manufacture industrial control panels.

UL offers formal training programs to maintain and ensure continued UL 508A knowledge and skills at each manufacturer's discretion. A UL 508A qualified technical representative of the manufacturer increases the responsibility of the manufacturer and also adds the value and safety of the product, process, and system.