The effective approach to electrical installation design

Well-structured electrical design is crucial for the safety of buildings and people. Design software provides a quick method for designing and implementing efficient electrical installations.


Electrical installation design is a responsible and demanding venture and if done professionally ensures a safe operation of a plant, building, or object.

It s a complex and continuing process, usually broken into stages. The incremental stage planning and electrical installation design allow the designer to present the integrated design package to a client, before continuing to the next stage.

Importance of properly designed electrical system

A professional retrofit installation of wiring installations placed within objects is an expensive, dirty, and complex project. If the walls within the installations are placed are made of concrete, the endevour is close to impossible.

This is why a professional, well-planned approach and comprehensive installation of conduits, during a construction stage can make all the difference in the future use of the system that can or can not be suitable for new technologies used in the future.

As we are heading for the future, the importance of a reliable, sustainable, and affordable source of electricity is crucial.

Addressing those issues during a construction or building renewal phase is essential to ensure the proper functioning of all potential future energy systems and intelligent investment in the long run.

Computer-aided design of electrical systems

Using a software for designing electrical installations, engineers guarantee the accuracy of calculations and the efficiency and safety of electrical installations.

The software allows engineers to visualize the entire electrical installation system before production itself - so that it can be designed as high-quality as possible.

Design software provides a quick method of designing integrated electrical installations.

Also, with the help of design software, engineers can develop reliable and economical electrical systems.

Furthermore, the software is used from the creation of the initial concept of designing electrical installations to the final installation and testing.

Design software saves time because it improves and accelerates the process of designing and planning electrical installations based on accurate calculations.

Since the software makes automatic calculations, checks, and designs the project, it saves the designer's and the client's time by speeding up the entire electrical installation design process.

Technological progress is primarily the result of the introduction of design software that automates many daily tasks in design and production, ensuring quality and the ability to quickly adapt to engineering changes that are automatically reflected in the finished product.

Our production is based on such software, from start to finish, i.e. until all the customer requirements are set and the project is finished.

Common rules and procedures for design and electrical installation execution

When installing electrical installations inside or outside the building, there are rules and norms, which were previously mentioned above and agreed upon to avoid accidents when working on the installations. The correct selection of conductors is determined according to the purpose of the end device, i.e. its power.

The most important factor in choosing the right cable is the amperage it can withstand permanently. For example, a 1.5 mm2 conductor and a 10 A fuse are most often used for lightning, while a 2.5 mm2 conductor and a 16 A fuse or larger depending on the consumer.

One cannot expect a large nominal current from the lightning fixtures (unless we load them), which would cause danger to people or the installation.

Authorized designers for electrical installations and standards

Our employees are certainly a very important factor in the designs process. Duplico has authorized electrical installation designers, who work by professional standards. It is important to us that the installations are carried out safely and that they are efficient.

Because we've done a large number of completed projects that have brought our knowledge and experience to an enviable level, our customers can expect an experienced company that saves them extra expenses. Duplico suggests 'state the art' optimal technical solutions that for many years we use for our clients.

As a conductor with 20 years of experience, we are particularly proud of our executive projects, which solve various technological challenges for major projects.