Duplico at the 15th Electrical engineering days

This year, we also attended the Electrical Engineering Days where we presented our solar solutions.


Every year, electrical engineers and experts from the energy sector come together to exchange ideas, experiences, and the latest achievements in the field of electrical power engineering.

This year's 15th Electrical Engineering Days do not differ in that regard, as they remain dedicated to promoting innovation and technological advancement in the field of electrical power engineering. Therefore, Duplico once again participated in this mission.

Duplico Solar at the Electrical Engineering Days

From October 5th to October 7th, the 15th Electrical Engineering Days (DIE) were held at the Elaphusa Hotel in Bol on the island of Brač, organized by the Croatian Chamber of Electrical Engineering.

Participating in the 15th Electrical Engineering Days, one of the largest gatherings of electrical engineering professionals provides us with an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with other experts to contribute to the further development of solar solutions.

At the Electrical Engineering Days, we highlighted Duplico Solar's comprehensive service, providing customers with the highest-quality solar systems, using GoodWe equipment as a key component.

Duplico Solar services encompass "turnkey" solutions, from consultation to permit issuance and investor support. Duplico technicians are educated and experienced in installing solar panels and connecting all components to ensure the maximum efficiency of your solar power plant.

The Duplico team enthusiastically answered all questions and shared their knowledge and experience with the participants. We introduced our solar solutions to solar system designers and other conference attendees seeking a quality partner for solar projects.

Innovative Solar Solutions

GoodWe provides high-quality inverters, batteries, and equipment for solar power plants. Their products are crucial for achieving excellent performance and reliability in our solar systems. Through our partnership with GoodWe, clients receive the best technological innovations and quality in the market.

Our dedication to providing the best solar solutions with GoodWe equipment guarantees our clients that their solar systems will be highly efficient, and reliable, and contribute to the sustainability of the energy sector.

Sustainability and environmental care have become key factors in the modern energy sector. Therefore, the solar energy plays a crucial role in achieving these goals.


At the evening raffle, we gifted the lucky winner a GoodWe electric vehicle charger.

Conference participants had the opportunity to learn more about our comprehensive approach to the development and construction of solar systems by talking to our experts. Solar energy is becoming ubiquitous in the world of energy, and we are committed to providing a complete solution for our clients.

Our team of engineers and experts can assist you at every stage of developing your solar power plant, from the initial conceptual phases to the final installation and maintenance.

Use the solar calculator and receive an informative estimate for your solar power plant. Enter information about your electricity consumption and a description of your property to receive a price estimate for the solar power plant via email. The final cost will be determined after the preparation of a commercial and technical offer.