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Optimization of Duplico business processes by introducing advanced ICT solutions-KK.


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Successfully implemented project!

The company Duplico d.o.o. 22.11.2019 started with the implementation of the project ˝Optimization of business processes of the company Duplico by introducing advanced ICT solutions, as part of the call for submission of project proposals Improving the competitiveness and efficiency of SMEs through information and communication technologies (ICT) - 2, reference number: KK.
The total value of the project is HRK 1,616,187.50.

The total acceptable costs of the project amount to HRK 1,282,950.00, and the amount of approved grants is HRK 832,000.00.

The project implementation period is November 22, 2019. – 22.11.2020.

The project in question includes the procurement of specialized ICT solutions - an ERP business system, a system for creating project cost calculations, and a system for advanced production planning, which will lead to the integration of business functions, optimization of 11 processes, and more efficient organization of work. This will address and effectively solve the central problem of the company's operations - the disconnection of key business processes. The implementation of the project will achieve its specific goal, increase the market competitiveness of Duplico and the efficiency of the entire business, which will lead to an increase in sales revenue and an increase in the number of employees, which will directly have a positive impact on the target groups of the project - the company itself and its employees.

The course of project implementation:

20.12.2018. Submitted project application

30.10.2019 Decision on project financing received

22.11.2019 Official start of the project

22.11.2019 Conclusion of a contract on the provision of consulting services, support in project management, and the implementation of procurement procedures for the project "Optimization of Duplico's business processes by introducing advanced ICT solutions" no. 06-21112019 with the company Epilog d.o.o., OIB 32445893123.

18.12.2019 Notice of procurement published on the website of structural funds

13.01.2020. A decision was made to choose the most economically advantageous offer

15.01.2020. Signed agreement on the allocation of grants reference code KK.

20.01.2020. Purchase contract concluded no. IKT-ERP/2020 with the company Infokom d.o.o. OIB 68111664044

22.11.2020. Completion of the project - Successfully implemented ERP business software, a solution for creating project cost calculations, and a system for advanced production planning and employee training

An article about the project was published on the website:

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