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Modernization of Duplico company-KK.


Modernization of the company Duplico

Company Duplico 30.09.2016. submitted a project application as part of the Call for the delivery of project proposals ˝E-impuls˝ for the implementation of the Modernization project of the company Duplico d.o.o., reference MIS code: KK.

The total value of the project is HRK 828,366.10, and the total acceptable costs are HRK 439,607.75.

The project implementation period is September 18, 2017-April 18, 2018.

The goals of this project are to expand the production capacity of the existing business unit of Duplico d.o.o. by acquiring a new production system and machines and strengthening the competitiveness of the company Duplico through the application of new production technologies and the launch of a new production line.

The project activities are focused in such a way that they result in the set goals of the project, and through the achievement of which this project will directly contribute to the goals of the Call for Project Applications.

The installation of a pneumatic system with associated tools and the purchase of machines will improve and modernize the existing production, expand the company's production capacity and enable the introduction of a new competitive product line.

All of the above, together with the employment of new employees, will result in greater competitiveness of the Duplico company on the domestic and international markets and increased income from the production of electrical cabinets, which the project will achieve by the end of 2019.

The installation of a new system and the purchase of new machines will contribute to more efficient use of energy and a reduction in production costs, which will make the production process itself more innovative and advanced.

The course of project implementation:

21.08.2017. we received the Decision on financing the project of HRK 280,000.00, or 63.6931446% of the acceptable project costs.

18.09.2017. In 2008, we started implementing the project by contracting the procurement implementation service with a consulting company.

28.09.2017. a contract was signed for the purchase of an automatic machine for cutting and removing the insulation of wires and cables Komax Kappa 315, an industrial printer Komax IMS and an automatic machine for pulling wires Komax ADS115. The machines were delivered and installed in the workshop on November 27, 2017. years.

16.10.2017. a contract was concluded for the purchase of a machine for stripping insulation and pressing 2×0.5-2×1.5mm2 wire. The device was delivered and installed on November 3, 2017. years.

18.10.2017. In 2008, a contract was concluded for the purchase and installation of the pneumatic system and related tools in the production workshop of the company Duplico. The system was installed and put into operation on November 15, 2017. years.

30.11.2017. In 2008, we signed a Grant Agreement with the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Crafts (PT1) and the Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation, and Investments (PT2).

18.04.2018. the Duplico production modernization project was completed, as part of which we equipped the workshop with:

  • pneumatic installation and tools
  • automatic wire-pulling machine
  • automatic machine for cutting and removing the insulation of wires and cables
  • an industrial printer for wire marking

We published an article about the implementation of the project in the EGE magazine.

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