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Digital transformation of Duplico


Digital transformation of Duplico

Project Code NPOO.C1.1.2.R3-I3.01.0713

The project is aimed at the digital transformation of the company Duplico d.o.o. The investments envisaged by the project include the procurement of digital solutions, licenses, and the development of out-of-the-box software solutions, as well as employee training to strengthen their digital skills.

The improved business processes include:

  1. Sales process,
  2. Testing and quality control process,
  3. Production process,
  4. Logistics process,
  5. Human resources management process.

The project encompasses the following activities:

  1. Digital transformation plan,
  2. Procurement and implementation of digital solutions, equipment, and technologies,
  3. Strengthening employee competencies,
  4. Project management,
  5. Promotion and visibility.

Project Objectives and Expected Results

The project aims to invest in equipment, digital solutions, and the enhancement of the digital skills of the User's employees, all with the purpose of digital transformation and improving the business processes of Duplico d.o.o.

Increased competitiveness is evident through:

  1. Increased efficiency through business process optimization,
  2. Adoption of new technologies/trends in the market,
  3. Digitization of business processes,
  4. Revenue growth for the company,
  5. Expansion of the company into new markets,
  6. Building employees' digital capacities.

Successful project implementation will lead to the following results

  • Increased sales revenue,
  • Increased competitiveness, efficiency, and productivity of the User's company,
  • Investment in the digital transformation of the company to strengthen its market position,
  • Enhancement of the digital skills and competencies of the User's employees,
  • Improvement of the User's business processes through the introduction of digital solutions.

The sustainability of the results after the completion of the project will be achieved through the use of funds generated from the sale of products and services in targeted markets.

Total Project Value and EU Co-Financing Amount

  • Total project value: 151,951.42 EUR
  • Total project value (eligible costs): 127,207.11 EUR
  • EU share in project financing: 58,515.27 EUR

Project Implementation Period

September 1, 2022 - September 1, 2024

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