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Agglomeration Zaprešić

Construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of the sewerage network; reconstruction of the water supply network within the EU project Improvement of water-utility infrastructure of the Zaprešić Agglomeration.

Electrical Engineering, Design & Installations


Vodooprskrba i odvodnja Zaprešić d.o.o.

Since 2014, there has been a separation between water services and the municipal services business, resulting in the establishment of the subsidiary company Water supply and drainage Zaprešić d.o.o. In 2015, CUP Zajarki d.o.o. merged with the company, further expanding its operations.

On July 1st, 2021, Water supply and drainage Zaprešić d.o.o. merged with Vodoopskrba I odvodnja Bistra d.o.o., with all assets, rights, and obligations transferred to the successor company, Vodoopskrba i odvodnja Zaprešić d.o.o., in accordance with the Companies Act.

Presently, a team of over 240 employees is responsible for carrying out communal activities, as well as water supply, drainage, and wastewater treatment services. The company operates in an area spanning more than 251 km2, serving a population of over 60,000 individuals and catering to the needs of over 600 large and small businesses. Additionally, the company provides services to various institutions and societies, including those in the fields of health, education, culture, and sports.

Project Scope

Zaprešić Agglomeration

The location of the Project is the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb County in the area of ​​the City of Zaprešić and the municipalities of Bistra, Brdovec, Luka, Pušća, Marija Gorica, and Dubravica. The Zaprešić agglomeration is part of Zagreb County, which is located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Croatia.
In the area covered by the agglomeration, the population and economic activities are sufficiently concentrated that municipal wastewater can be collected and drained to the wastewater treatment plant.

In the span of roughly 3 years, the consortium of leading construction companies in Croatia have finished amense scope of works as follows:

Construction of the drainage system and rehabilitation of the Zaprešić water network

  • Construction of collectors with a total length of 104,937 km:
  • Gravity collectors - total length 100,071 km
  • Pressure pipelines - total length 4,866 km
  • Construction of 24 automated pumping stations

Reconstruction of the drainage system

  • Gravity collectors 3,222 m
  • Pump stations 2 pcs

Upgrade/extension of the drainage system

  • Gravity collectors 2,956 m
  • Retention pools (850 m3) 2 pcs
  • Pump stations 1 pc
  • Telemetry equipment 13 pcs
  • Access road 220 m
  • Rehabilitation of over 11000 meters of drainage system

New water supply pipelines

  • Installation of new water supply pipelines in total length of over 2500 meters

Rehabilitation of existing water tanks in Vodosprema Milić Selo and Vodosprema Sv. Križ

  • Rehabilitation of hydrothermal insulation 375 m2
  • Renovation of the interior of the water reservoir 1,288 m2

System control, automation and supervision

  • 24 pumping stations
  • Automation and reconstruction of 2 water tanks Milić Selo & VS Sv. Križ
  • Procurement, delivery and commissioning of over 60 KSB Pumps and 5 pressure stations
  • Control system and SCADA system for entire agglomeration and water and wastewater network built on Schneider PLC and Schneider SCADA system.

Duplico Solution

Turnkey Solution For Automation & Control

Our company's role encompassed various aspects, including engineering and design, electrical cabinet assembly, electrical installations on the field, automation, and reconstruction of water tanks, procurement and commissioning of pumps, and development of a comprehensive control and SCADA system for the entire network.

Engineering and Design of Electrical and Automation Works: Our company played a pivotal role in the project by undertaking the engineering and design of electrical and automation works for 24 pumping stations. This encompassed the careful analysis and planning of electrical systems, incorporating cutting-edge automation technologies to optimize pump performance and operational efficiency

Electrical Cabinet Assembly and Installations: We undertook the assembly of electrical cabinets, meticulously incorporating the necessary components for seamless automation and control functionalities. Additionally, our skilled technicians executed electrical installations on-site, ensuring safe and efficient electrical connections throughout the project.

Automation and Reconstruction of Water Tanks: Our expertise extended to the automation and reconstruction of two critical water tanks: Milić Selo and VS Sv. Križ. These infrastructure assets were rehabilitated and equipped with advanced automation systems, enabling seamless control, monitoring, and maintenance.

Procurement, Delivery, and Commissioning of Pumps and Pressure Stations: As part of our responsibilities, we successfully procured, delivered, and commissioned over 60 KSB Pumps and 5 pressure stations. This process involved the selection, sourcing, and installation of high-quality equipment, ensuring reliable and efficient water flow throughout the network.

Control System and SCADA Implementation: A key aspect of the project involved the development and implementation of a comprehensive control system and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. Our team utilized Schneider PLC and Schneider SCADA systems to establish a centralized monitoring and control infrastructure for the entire agglomeration, water, and wastewater network.

Duplico Services

Throughout our presence on the market of the Republic of Croatia, European Union & beyond, we have profiled ourselves as a leading expert within many industries. Here is how we can help You.


  • I would accentuate Duplico as a very positive example of innovation and the application of the latest technologies and trends, such as "state-of-the-art" remote control systems. We are proud of the numerous applications of Siemens systems and solutions in water management, industry, and energy projects. In current Croatian surroundings, I also perceive Duplico to be an inspiring "role model" of successful digital transformation of its own business processes.

    Ivana Ilic Head of Digital Industries at Siemens Croatia
  • The peculiarity and the key to the long-term success of the Duplico company lies in the exceptional agility and commitment of the Duplico team in providing the best service to clients, openness to adopting new knowledge and innovative technologies, and a high level of expertise and cooperation.

    Arthur Vasarevic Country General Manager (CRO/SLO/BIH)
  • I started working with Duplico more than 10 years ago. I would especially emphasize their focus on client satisfaction, flexibility in finding technical and administrative solutions, and adaptation to changes within the projects we have collaborated on.

    Tomislav Durokovic Senior director, Teva global engineering
  • Duplico is a truly quality partner that we plan to rely on in future business challenges. The professional attitude towards the client, which is unquestionable from the contracting process, the execution of works, to the commissioning of the equipment or plant, places Duplico among our privileged partners in the domain of electrical works

    Dinko Condic Chief Executive Officer
  • Cooperation with Duplico is straightforward and high-quality because their experts know and understand the plant operation technology, and their knowledge is broader than just the knowledge of software development.

    Igor Herman Chief Executive Officer (Weishaupt d.o.o. - Celje)
  • We are happy to work with Duplico as one of our main partners in the region. In this ascending roadmap, we are careful to select key partners who can support and carry the GoodWe brand, technology, and know-how in the highest of standards.

    Thanasis Sakkas Sales Director Channels Europe & NA region at GoodWe
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