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SCADA System For The City of Rovinj

Schneider Electric GEO SCADA Expert software was used to implement the control and SCADA system for the city of Rovinj.

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About Customer

Odvodnja Rovinj Rovigno d.o.o.

The client is Odvodnja Rovinj Rovigno d.o.o., responsible for the WWTP Cuvi 63,000 PE project, which is a part of the comprehensive initiative for Collecting, Draining, and Purifying Wastewater within the Rovinj agglomeration area.

Odvodnja Rovinj Rovigno d.o.o. maintains all municipal facilities and equipment in a state of functional readiness, while prioritizing environmental protection and the public interest of the local communities in the city of Rovinj. Furthermore, they construct wastewater drainage networks and purification systems throughout the entire city, enhancing the maintenance of stormwater and sewage drainage systems of buildings, streets, and roads.

Project Scope

SCADA System in the WWTP Cuvi Project

The SCADA system implemented in the WWTP Cuvi project in Rovinj aims to interconnect all electro-energy objects and associate local automation with measurement-execution devices. It collects information that is subsequently presented in a relevant manner and enables plant management from the facility's location, as well as the dissemination of information to other departments and on-duty personnel.

A central requirement for the SCADA system was its "open" nature, facilitating the integration of subsystems from different manufacturers and allowing for future expansions. The SCADA system must also be bilingual.

The SCADA system is required to connect:

  • PLCs that control the processes such as mechanical pretreatment, biological treatment and sludge processing, sludge thickening, sludge dehydration, poly-electrolyte dosing, and air treatment.
  • PLCs of the main distribution panel and control building
  • 7 multifunctional measuring devices for energy consumption control and monitoring
  • Solar sludge drying facility
  • 11 Data Loggers for treated water monitoring (for irrigation purposes)

Duplico Solution

Management and Implementation of the SCADA System

For the implementation of the Rovinj SCADA system, we used Schneider Electric GEO SCADA Expert software. The system consists of two servers connected in a Hot-Standby architecture, each containing 25,000 data points (50% of which will be utilized upon project completion).

This operational approach ensures complete redundancy and load sharing. In the event of a primary server failure, the secondary server takes over all supervisory and control functions. Upon re-establishing communication, data synchronization occurs.

In addition to graphical and alphanumeric displays, all data is presented through trends that can be pre-defined or easily created by the operator. Users have access to viewing all system events and alarms, as well as generating reports that provide insights into the overall system status.

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    Ivana Ilic Head of Digital Industries at Siemens Croatia
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    Tomislav Durokovic Senior director, Teva global engineering
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    Dinko Condic Chief Executive Officer
  • Cooperation with Duplico is straightforward and high-quality because their experts know and understand the plant operation technology, and their knowledge is broader than just the knowledge of software development.

    Igor Herman Chief Executive Officer (Weishaupt d.o.o. - Celje)
  • We are happy to work with Duplico as one of our main partners in the region. In this ascending roadmap, we are careful to select key partners who can support and carry the GoodWe brand, technology, and know-how in the highest of standards.

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