The heart of every plant and facility

Regardless if you operate an oil and gas well, a wastewater plant, an apartment building or a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility - it is inevitable for you to come in contact with electrical switchgear. 

It is the core of every industrial process and plant.

As a technology company, we have developed one of the most advanced facilities for assembly of control and power switchgears in the Central and East-European countries. 

Regardless of the size, scope and requirements of the project towards electrical switchgear - we can supply it. Small low-voltage switchgear, a modular switchgear, control switchgear or an 8000A power distribution certified switchgear we have a solution to fit your needs

Through a comprehensive project portfolio, more than 2 decades of experience and numerous certifications and licenses for solutions such as Siemens SIVACON S8, Schneider Electric OKKEN, Cubic, Logstrup, Eaton & ABB, Duplico's engineering team has gained invaluable knowledge of power distribution systems.

Duplico MOD center - Your reliable panel building partner

Our uncompromising commitment to quality workmanship and engineering excellence ensures that every electrical cabinet is designed and manufactured to exact specifications and delivered on time, every time.

We produce various types of low-voltage electrical cabinets tested according to standard EN 61439. 

Using 3D modeling tools, and utilizing vast knowledge and experience our team of engineers can create a competitive solution according to the specifications and customer requirements, thus making us reliable OEM and turnkey projects based partner. Click here for more information.

Our dedication to the process of assembly of electric switchgear is both a profession and inspiration. The business investments we made through the years were and are largely directed toward extensive research, development, and testing of new methods and technologies. 

Our finished projects portfolio showcase the added values gained through those investments - a large base of fully installed and appropriately tested LV switchgears built through a clear process of design, modeling, assembly, and QC.

Video overview of our facilities and our assembly process.

Let's talk.

Our approach is based on collaboration with end users, consultants, and contractors through every step of the design, production, and installation process.  Duplico LV distribution cabinets are completely designed, manufactured, and technically tested in Duplico.  No matter how big or small your requirements are, contact us today and lets see how we can help you.