Sustainability as a key factor

In today's environment when the price of electricity is rising and when nothing is certain, thousands of people around the world are turning to self sustainable solutions. Big part in that approach are most definitely quality solar panels and solar inverters for energy production. As a leading technology company in the region, Duplico recognizes market needs and together with partners GoodWe and renowned solar panel manufacturers DAH Solar offer competitive turnkey solar system solutions.

Being light-weight and highly efficient, GoodWe residential solar inverters are designed to be simple to install, operate, and maintain so as to ensure a quick return on investment (ROI).

Duplico, together with GoodWe offers smart solar-based technologies that meet your home's unique power needs in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. 

Energy Storage Solution 

Combining GoodWe high quality advanced inverters with energy storage solutions and utilizing new technologies with our engineering expertise we bring innovative solutions to the market.  

Our customers are not only protected by rising electricity costs, but also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they have a reliable solution for maximizing self-consumption and that they can enjoy power safety during an electricity outage.  

Combining the above and inverter capability to charge the battery during the night when electricity cost is lower, our solutions deliver quicker ROI and guarantee satisfaction to our customers. 

Let's talk.

With an in-depth understanding of the solar market complexity and the availability of a wide range of products, we aim to offer quality and reliability through a careful selection of suppliers and partners for complementary components and devices. Our goal is to provide premium solutions and a quick return on investment to a wide variety of prospective customers. Contact us for more information and let's start cooperation today.