Plug & Play Modular Solutions

All over the world, grid operators, electrical power producers and energy intensive industries work to ensure reliable power supplies for their customers or processes. 

With the increasing demand generated by renewable energy plants, distribution smart grid, infrastructures and smart technologies, electrical grids are facing an increasing need for power supply. 

Power demand has to be met at short notice without disruption - despite tight construction timeframes and potential eventualities such as natural disasters or operational restrictions. Duplicos prefabricated power solutions ensure a safe and reliable grid connection to fit the most demanding environments anywhere, anytime.

Duplico E-House Solutions

Duplicos E-house solutions are prefabricated modules that can be combined in larger containerized buildings. They are designed to host various electrical equipment such as MV/LV electrical switchgear, motor control centers, UPS, transformers, HVAC solutions and other control systems.

Duplicos E-House solution can be designed in various configurations per customer request. They are entirely constructed, assembled and factory tested before dispatch. In case of customer specific requirement that exceeds single unit design, multiple units can easily be connected on site. They ensure maximum flexibility of design and utilization combined with excellent reliability and a high return on investment.

Duplicos prefabricated E-House solutions offer many benefits. Some of which are: 

  • Full assembly and pre commissioning prior to shipment 
  • Reduced on-site work: minimum civil works, 
  • Plug and play installation 
  • Easy transportation
  • Resistance to weather and harsh environments
  • Shorter production time
  • Decreases the engineering and design phase
  • Plug-and-play designed significantly reduces installation and commissioning time on field
  • Saving space on site
  • Can be designed in ISO standard or custom sizes
  • Site conditions do not affect the delivery time

E-House is the ideal solution for projects in all kinds of industries, such as Oil and Gas, Mining and Transportation, Offshore, Utilities, Electro-intensive industries, Railways and others.

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