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Nowadays, a simple claim of IT security is not sufficient. Both existing and future business partners of any business or clients need to be assured that their information or data is safely entrusted.  

ISO 27001 is the most recognizable standard for IT security, and therefore represents the best way for companies to be recognized for their efforts to establish and maintain a strong cybersecurity program in addition to the obvious benefit of securing all digital data.

As a norm, ISO 27001 provides a set of requirements and evaluation criteria for IT security controls implemented within an organization. Compliance with ISO 27001 is dependent on the management of the risks involved in the company's IT systems and data management practices. 

Compliance demonstration presumes that one has an up-to-date set of documentation describing and controlling all information security practices, procedures and policies.

ISO 27001 Security consulting services include in-depth screening and ISO 27001-ready program and steps for an organization, through a well-defined developed ISO 27001 phase approach service.

We help our clients to achieve and maintain ISO-27001 certificate year after year. Our team of consultants provides a variety of ongoing support services, such as IT security risk assessments and internal education and audits along with complete ISO 27001 certification support.


ISO 27001-strategize, build and certify

Consulting services that we provide for ISO 27001 certification purposes help organizations strategize, build and certify an effective IT security management system. 

With extensive experience, our team of IT specialists brings in-depth information security expertise that is necessary to all modern businesses on time and with an appropriate budget.

Our team of experienced IT security professionals is ISO 27001 certified for audit and implementation. 

The implementation strategy is based on a several-phase approach: 

- 1st phase; Gap Analysis – cybersecurity professionals conduct an analysis of gaps in the client's current system against ISO 27001 requirements. Observations are compiled into a report defining the organisation's compliance level and are used as key elements for a future risk treatment plan.

- 2nd phase; Risk Assessment – this is a phase within which the information assets of an organization are detected and registered. The risk assessment is conducted on the assets and appropriate risk controls are selected. 

- 3rd phase; Risk Treatment – during this phase, a cybersecurity expert will form a strategy to implement risk controls chosen during the previous phase. Detailed documentation is developed including the policies and procedures that address the risk identified during phase 2.

- 4th phase; Implementation – a roadmap, based on a previous phase is formed as a guide for an organization to implement identified controls.

- 5th phase – readiness review – on this page, a readiness of a client to achieve ISO 27001 is tested. An internal audit team is formed and the gaps established by this audit are closed by the implementation team, led by cybersecurity consultants. 

- 6th phase – the certification audit – is held by a team of auditors. Cybersecurity consultants are still at your disposal as they will close all potential non-conformities or observations noted by the auditors, for a company to gain ISO 27001 certification.

Conforming to the ISO 27001 standard can help organizations in the assessment and treatment of information security risks, and most importantly in the prevention and treatment of serious cybersecurity threats.

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