Wire preparation for high volume cabinet assembly

Modern, high-volume quality panel building comes with many challenges. Besides heavy machinery, different quality control segments, and a logistical nightmare with a variety of, and hundreds of thousands of components, we also have wires. 

Different applications and different customers require different wire types, different wire markings, different colors, different wiring principles, etc. 

To be able to tackle all these challenges we have equipped our facilities with modern wire processing machines and integrated them with our processes and systems. 

By integrating Komax Kappa 315 into our process we can pull the data and wire specification from EPLAN and quickly process it.

This setup enables us to mark, cut and strip the wires at exact lengths. 

In line with Komax kappa 315, we have installed Weidmuller Interface GmbH & Co. CRIMPFIX R,  CRIMPFIX LZ, and Zoller+Frohlich GmbH UNIC-GV which we use for crimping wires up to 2,5mm2 and ensuring that all ferrules on wires are tightened/pressed per current standards and norms. 

Digitalization and integration with EPLAN and our assembly process allow our technicians to quickly prepare all wires per project and customers' requirements, all in specific lengths, with specific markings, and in required colors, and still offer quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality.