The most important segment in production facilities

Quality control is a crucial aspect of any production facility as it ensures that the end products meet the required standards and specifications. It involves the inspection, testing, and verification of products being built during and after the production process to ensure that they are built per the required specification properly. 

For us, reliability and quality is a continuous process and comes from improvement at all levels and in all functions in our business. 

Specifically, to be able to process quality control at the level behind which we can vouch we have turned to digitalization and innovation. By ditching the old-school paper rich checkbox style inspection & control lists, and creating innovative software solutions we not just simplify the process and reduced the carbon footprint but are now seamlessly able to document the entire production process, per every segment, together with pictures of the assembly during the assembly process and combine it with final quality control check-up list all in one digital file that is easily shareable with our customers.


By developing proprietary software solutions for continuous quality control in our production facilities for control and distribution cabinet assembly we have reduced mistakes for our final quality control checkup and lowered overall annual nonconformity results, thus, increasing customer satisfaction and affirming us as a reliable OEM partner and turnkey solution provider.