Installation of DIN rails and wire ducts is an inevitable process in every electrical cabinet assembly.

Our technicians, looking at the documentation made in EPLAN and prepared by our electrical design department, using cutting machines and pop rivets, can quickly, efficiently, and safely install din rails and wire ducts.


Given that the mounting plates come pre-drilled from our heavy-duty machinery the use of pop rivets speeds up the process of assembling and connecting din rails and wire ducts on the mounting plate.

Pop rivets are usually used to make strenght joints in a range of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, and leather. Typically, the process is used for joining plastic or metal. 

The use of pop rivets instead of threaded fasteners has many advantages, some of which are durability, cost-effectiveness, allowing for joining of parts when there is limited rear access, weight, more secure tying, vibration resistance, etc. 


In the rare case of pop rivet misinstallation the replacement of it can be done in a relatively simple way; the already installed rivet can be removed and a new one placed.

Pop rivets can be used in a variety of applications and they are available in many materials such as steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, monel, etc., allowing us to be flexible and adaptable to customer requirements and project specifications.