Assembly and production is a complex logistical process

Right next to knowledge, expertise, and experienced team members, one of the most important parts of any type of production is a well-organized process. 

Before anything else, the assembly and production is a complex logistical process. 

As a high-volume electrical panel building company, with over 1700 electrical cabinets built per year, we understand this very well.

Our team of skilled technicians is in touch with literally hundreds of thousands of different electrical components and elements, for many different customers and all for numerous different projects. 

Without well-organized processes and advanced software solutions, building this many electrical cabinets per year and being in touch with hundreds of thousands of different elements and components can quickly become a logistical nightmare. 

To tackle the challenge of high-volume electrical panel building we have developed proprietary software that allows us to track, monitor and report all of the components for every cabinet in real time. 

Our equipment commissioning department is equipped with monitors that show a list of newly arrived components on stock for all cabinets that are currently further down the line in production and that can slow down the production. 

These are high-priority components and a dedicated technician every morning scans the list, picks up, marks, and mounts these components on the belonging electrical cabinet. 


Color coding and process markings help us know exactly to which project and for what electrical panel component belongs. 

To make it easier for wiring technicians all of the components are marked according to project requirements and customer needs before mounting. 

Our production facilities are equipped with various printing machines so that we could cover the widest range of customer requirements. 

Running this kind of well-organized, digital, cross-integrated production facility allows us to be competitive in the market and offers peace of mind for our OEM partners and customers.