Powerful machinery for quality product and quick turn around times

Duplico, as a high-volume control and distribution panel building partner, holds licenses from renowned manufacturers such as Schneider Electric OKKEN, Siemens Sivacon S8, CUBIC, Logstrup, and Eaton xEnergy. 

To be able to offer a variety of panel building services, stay competitive, and deliver high-quality end product per all relevant norms, manufacturers' standards, and requirements some processes in power distribution cabinet assembly requires powerful machines.

We have equipped our facilities with machinery set up for copper processing, cutting, punching, and bending.

Our FlexPunch series from EHRT is equipped with three CNC controlled axes, allowing for production parts to be made with virtually perfect accuracy, enabling us to focus on craftsmanship and saving us a lot of time, which would otherwise be used for manual labor. 


With the machines of the FlexPunch series, we can process (punch and cut) material that is 15-200 mm wide and 3-16 mm thick with great speed and accuracy. 

Just in line with the FlexPunch from EHRT comes our bending machine 420CNC/w  from Stierli-Bieger AG.


The Stierli-Bieger 420 CNC/W bending machine is a very efficient machine that allows us to save up to 100 000 programs with 20 different bends each so that we can quickly re-use the previous bends for repeating copper bars and elements. 

All in all, the heavy machinery installed in our workshop enables us versatile and easy to use, allowing us to focus on offering great service to our partners.