Heavy-duty equipment for high-volume control panel assembly

Our production facilities are equipped with some heavy-duty equipment set up for high-volume control panel assembly. 

Among others, we have installed and set up Perforex BC 1008 HS which is ideal for machining electrical cabinets and their components such as mounting plates, doors, metal sheets, side plates, etc. 


CNC Services

Besides its integration capabilities with our other production software such as EPLAN and the capability to pull information and drawings from it, our team of skilled technicians in the machining department is using it to create machining drawings for different production needs. 

This kind of approach enables us to offer additional CNC services such as drilling, cutting out in square or round forms, logging, grinding, and threading in different materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, plastic, and polyester. 

By installing and running this kind of workshop we have increased our capacity and can offer precise, fast, and quality production and assembly for our projects and our OEM partners.