Having control over the entire process is crucial for business owners

To be able to offer our partners and customers consistency and the highest quality of service, we are confident that having control over the entire process is crucial.

In the process of electrical system design and by using third-party tools sometimes challenges occur. Not all manufacturers keep their elements up to date with respective 3D models. Some manufacturers do not have the components for 3D models at all. By relying solely on third-party databases we would not be able to offer quality and complete designs to our customers.

In this particular case, our engineers and designers reach out to SolidWorks. 


SolidWorks is a powerful 3D modeling software that is widely used in a variety of industries, including mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and product design. It allows us to create detailed 3D models of parts and assemblies, complete with precise dimensions and specifications, which we then import in EPLAN and can finish and deliver the final design to our customers. 

It includes a range of tools for creating 3D geometry, including sketching, extrusion, and revolution tools. We can also import and manipulate 3D models from other software, such as AutoCAD or Inventor.


SolidWorks also includes a range of advanced modeling tools, including surface modeling, sheet metal design, and weldment design. These tools allow us to create complex shapes and assemblies, and to accurately model the behavior of parts under different loads and conditions.