For management system as per SCCP:2011

TÜV AUSTRIA is an independent certification institution for management system, personal and product certification. Companies that request certification, are audited by qualified TÜV AUSTRIA auditors.

In accordance with TÜV AUSTRIA CERT procedures, Duplico applies a management system in line with management system as per SCCP:2011 for planning and execution of electrical installations, telemetry and automation systems.

This certification is intended for the major industrial companies in the field of technical services. SCC is short for Safety Certificate Contractors. SCC is an international standard for safety, health and environmental protection for technical service providers, contractors and temporary employment agencies.

The SCC certificate confirms the efficacy of a company’s SGU system (safety, health and environmental protection system) and thus opens up opportunities to access other markets. The standard defines audits along the supply chain as well as guidelines for sub-contractors. A great benefit of SCC certification is that it offers decision-making aid when choosing a supplier.

The process of SCC certification begins with a briefing that includes discussion about basic requirements for certification, company's goals and needs and next steps that are needed for the certification. Then follows the process of auditing and certifying the company. Implementing TÜV AUSTRIA SCC standard for management system leads to the reduction and prevention of accidents and the mitigation of direct and/or indirect costs of an accident.

A certificate from SCC TÜV AUSTRIA is an official attestation of company's services, products and organization, and therefore the credibility that the market demands.

Apart from internal benefits that an organisation gets after certifying, implementing interantional standarda also generates trust with investors, business partners and authorities.