Duplico has received certificates for UL 508A Qualified Manufacturer Technical Representative.

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is a global leader in applied safety science. UL provides testing, inspection and certifications alongside software products and advisory offerings. UL is one of the oldest security certification companies that, among others, certifies products, processes or systems based on industry-wide standards.

The UL certificate serves as a recognized symbol for proving safety and quality products.
UL508 A is a technical standard for industrial control panels in the United States. It covers the basics of electrical safety, specified by NEC (regionally acceptable standard for the safe installation of electrical installations and equipment) and includes guidelines specified in NFPA 79 standard (protection of operators, equipment, production sites and work in progress from electrical hazards) for design purposes and production of industrial control electrical cabinets.

By acquiring these certificates Duplico has achieved the possibility of manufacturing and certifying electrical cabinets for the American and Canadian markets.

Employees are required to complete a mandatory training.

The UL 508A MTR Program provides a means for a manufacturer’s staff to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the UL 508A Standard. This qualification provides the manufacturer evidence that its employees are qualified and competent for designing and manufacturing industrial control panels.

UL offers formal training programs to maintain and ensure continued UL 508A knowledge and skills at the discretion of each manufacturer.  The UL 508A Qualified Manufacturer Technical Representative increases accountability of a manufacturer and enhances the value and safety of the products.